Drive through food court not a good idea

It would be fascinating to know who the clever person on Georges River Council who dreamt up this absurd notion. At 5 pm on a Friday, food trucks will be located in Jubilee Park and the public will drive through and have a choice of four food varieties within the park! It is a park, not a road. Vehicles will enter from Jubilee Avenue, purchase food and exit to English Street. A football day. Friday night traffic. The populace is heading South for the weekend. The mind boggles. We who live in the area know exactly how terrible this will be. And only one of the food vendors is local businesses. The whole idea is absurd. The person who dreamt this up should stand up and own their concept.

Suzanne O'Connor

Carrs Park and LEP

I urge everyone to read and digest the LEP 2020 proposal. However, don't bother felling a tree and sending in your feedback and allow GRC to pretend we are in living in some quasi-democracy.

GRC has shunned and ignored the ratepayers in an 8-7 vote re Carss Park as its most recent slap in our faces, and GRC has the audacity wanting a double-figure rate increase.

We are nothing more than chewing gum on the bottom of their shoes that they can kick off with a stone. Those were recent words spoken by the CCP, but define clearly the opinion of GRC when it comes to ratepayers.

Maree Miller,


A new way to price water

I find the latest announcement by our NSW Government as to the pricing of water an insult to the intelligence of us all. Common sense would say, the more people we have in our state, the more water we require. A few years ago, our street consisted of 31 two and three-bedroom houses. We now have villas, townhouses,and duplex developments adding a conservative estimate of 60 plus people to our street alone, each needing water. Till the government build more dams, I am damned if they should be making us pay for their failure to supply

Elaine Cameron,


Every citizen should be concerned about ABC cuts

Every citizen should be distressed by the just-announced round, the latest-of-a-series, of job cuts inflicted by funding cuts handed down by Canberra on the already weakened ABC.

Both major parties seem hell-bent on emasculating this worthy organisation. Yet, it is widely acknowledged as one of the most respected bodies in the country; a thoroughly deserved reputation attribute in my view.

The ABC's near-nil scandal record is the polar opposite to many in government who want it tamed to inconsequential status by enforced shrinkage.

Because it occasionally proves to be an unwelcome 'thorn in politicians' side' - and thank God the ABC has been able to exist for that - the disgusting remedy for those who want their exercise of power over all of us to be more unfettered is to incrementally, but systematically and ruthlessly, dismantle it... not in one fell swoop, but slowly (and surreptitiously) surely.

Intolerance to criticism or even critique is a condition most MPs seem to sooner or later acquire, once they get the taste for power upon election.

Then the trend is to progressively dislike any interference to or questioning of their agendas thereafter. The more they succeed in dumbing-down a source of perceived antagonism to whatever they advocate, or to what their party obliges them to, the greater the irritation becomes.

This process of getting accustomed to their positions of privilege turns into a disguised and un-admitted form of addiction, which intensifies the more the power-addiction takes hold. Like all addicts, their craving only goes in one direction, and as citizens, we will pay the price for their addictions being given the extra fuel of gradual riddance of whoever and whatever tries to stand in the way of their actions and/concepts.

After a lifetime of keen observation, I conclude that generally - there are of course exceptions - our representatives subconsciously develop a pernicious mindset oriented towards their having a (necessary) monopoly over the invention or fostering of good ideas. And woe betides any, like the ABC, that might be inclined or feel obligated to think otherwise.

This regrettable scenario is aggravated by many regional newspapers being wiped off the map as we speak. Bravo for the Leader not being one of them! Further, the sad historic the fact of there being hardly anyone in Parliament voicing meaningful opposition to these savage ABC budget-cuts is a cause - if we consider it - of monumental concern for us all... but a much worse worry for our children and grandchildren.

Tony Martin, Mortdale