Weekly wrap: Big story in our backyard

G'day readers,

this week a big story in political circles broke in our backyard.

It's a story with massive political repercussions for the Labor Party.

Now, before those on the left spit out their Sunday coffee over our report, we note the timing of the raid coincides with the Eden Monaro by-election. We also note the Liberal's Gladys Liu has not had a similar raid upon her premises despite her alleged links to the Chinese communist party.

As always, we aim to provide you with fair and balanced reporting of the facts as they appear. We will not get into a left and right argument with our reporting on this story.

Jim Gainsford sat through a five hour plus council meeting this week and told us the Georges River Council has a back to basics theme for its 2020/21 budget. Not everyone will be happy, though.

The council is facing a deficit of $3.2 million.

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