PHOTOS | Design for stage two of Cronulla mall upgrade unveiled

A children's water play feature and a big screen for special events are included in the design for stage two of the Cronulla mall upgrade.

Other features include new paving, a family-friendly amenities block, modern street furniture, "arty" lighting and a larger variety of trees.

However, there is no enclosed children's playground similar to the existing facility, which was installed on the site of the former Women's Rest Centre as a replacement for the "Pirate Ship" playground.

Sutherland Shire Council decided on Monday night to publicly exhibit the consulting architect's design for the proposed $32 million works.

The plans are far from final, with further options for lighting, trees, water features and street furniture to be investigated after feedback from the community.

The design involves opening up the northern end of the mall - the Town Square - by demolishing the stage area and old amenities block.

The water play feature, which would recede when not in use, and big screen would be in this area.

A new amenities block would be built in the area where the playground now stands.

Key elements in the design are:

Kingsway: Wider footpaths to facilitate pedestrian movement between the plaza and beach. New paving and street furniture. New lighting. New (additional) trees as part of the succession planting program.

Cronulla Plaza Town Square: New amenities building with change room. New shade structure. New digital screen (still under investigation). New water feature for interactive play (final design / layout to be confirmed). New paving and street furniture. New lighting. New tree, palm and shrub planting. Where existing palms have been identified as having the fungal disease fusarium wilt, they are to be removed to prevent contamination to other palms.

Cronulla Plaza: New central alignment of outdoor dining and all infrastructure to allow free movement along plaza and to improve visibility and accessibility to all shopfronts. New paving and street furniture. New lighting and lighting art. New tree and shrub planting. Potential for interactive art (for sculptural play)

Croydon Lane: New lighting and lighting art.