Give Local Government a seat in the National Cabinet, Georges River Council says

Where's our seat?:
Where's our seat?: "Australians expect the decisions of government affecting them to reflect their grass roots views," Georges River Council mayor, Kevin Greene said, calling for local government to be alowed to sit in the National Cabinet (pictured).

Local government should be represented on the National Cabinet, to assist with COVID-19 recovery efforts, Georges River Council mayor Kevin Greene said this week.

"Australians expect the decisions of government affecting them to reflect their grassroots views and to be implemented at the local level as well as the state and national level," Councillor Greene said in a Mayoral Minute lodged at this week's council meeting.

"Decisions about how our Federation works and how it can be improved or reformed require all three levels of government working together to align their policies and programs," he said.

"National Cabinet and the commonwealth government, in particular, are looking towards pro-growth policies to lift investment and get Australians back to work. With a focus on jobs growth, they are seeking ways to enable parts of the economy to grow."

"Getting it right on the ground is local government's area of strength," Councillor Greene said.

"Councils facilitate, establish, and grow local businesses and economies. Economic development has always been at the core of every successful council.

"The challenge facing National Cabinet over the coming months is unlike any which has faced Australian governments in recent times. It will require the concerted, coordinated and complementary efforts of all three levels of government to rebuild consumer confidence, support business and recreate millions of jobs", he said.

The Mayoral Minute, which was unanimously supported, called for the council to write to politicians advocating for local government representation on the National Cabinet.

These include NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian; Prime Minister and Federal Member for Cook, Scott Morrison; Federal Member for Banks, David Coleman; Federal Member for Barton, Linda Burney; State Member for Oatley, Mark Coure; State Member for Kogarah, Chris Minns; State Member for Rockdale, Steve Kamper; and State Member for Lakemba, Jihad Dib.

The communications will highlight the critical necessity for Local Government representation on the newly-formed National Cabinet and would seek recipients' assistance in requesting that First Ministers review the decision to exclude Local Government.

Council will also seek meetings with its local Federal and State Members to discuss the importance of local government representation on the National Cabinet, and the value of partnerships with councils for achieving the objectives of the National Cabinet and the national reform agenda.