YOUR SAY: Bike riders should show more consideration for pedestrians

PATHWAY: The opening of the pathway was supposed to provide a significant improvement to pedestrian and cyclist safety. Pictures: John Veage
PATHWAY: The opening of the pathway was supposed to provide a significant improvement to pedestrian and cyclist safety. Pictures: John Veage

Kudos to the council for providing the beautiful pathway along Woolooware Bay but I worry that a serious accident is on the cards. It is a "shared" pathway, but the speed at which some bike riders fly along this route is extremely dangerous. It would be safer for all if bikes were made to slow to a walking pace when passing pedestrians instead of ringing their bells and then abusing those who may be slow to get out of their way! Signposts along the path regarding speed limits and good manners may remind bike riders to be more considerate of other users.

Antoinette Halton, Cronulla

Who do our politicians work for?

There is "overwhelming private sector interest" in Renewable Energy Zones and renewable energy generation. Add to that the fact the majority of Australians support more government action on climate change. So you'd think our State Government would dump the idea of extending a tax-payer subsidised environmentally unfriendly, gas industry (including proposed new transmission pipelines) and back the cheapest, cleanest, sustainable employment option of renewables. Nope - not happening. The NSW Government has recently endorsed Santos' Narrabri Gas Project which if approved by the Independent Planning Commission, will keep NSW in the dark ages of expensive, dirty fossil energy production. You've got to ask yourselves, who do our 'pollies' work for?

Megan Benson, Bundeena

Disrespectful Rant

Regarding Ms Baker's reply (Leader July 01) on the defacing of public monuments like Capt Cook's statue, she has completely misrepresented the point I was trying to make. Perhaps those who wish to spray paint precious monuments should go straight to Long Bay. I suggested Arnhem Land, not being disrespectful, but the Aboriginals, at least in the N.E. sector (Yolngu people) are maintaining their traditional culture and way of life quite vigorously it seems. Other reserves do have their problems and "we" would all like to see the issues resolved, but even the best brains in the country don't seem to be able to find a fix. In 2008, the then PM made his famous and well-received 'sorry speech', but alas, problems still exist.

Ms Baker says its time to: "make meaningful moves towards reconciliation" unquote... Any idea what those might be? Ms Baker doesn't say.

Phil Gannon, Miranda

Domestic Victims Accommodation

Recently I sent a request to the government concerning the high rate of domestic violence and the possible refurbishing Heathcote House as a safe home for victims rather than allowing it to deteriorate. Pointing out that it had all the benefits with preschool and both primary and high schools railway station within walking distance. I received a negative reply ending with it wasn't going to look at this as all monies for this year have been allocated and nothing in the future even though as reported the government has spent $46 million for Powerhouse consultants' fees. This is a government that has wasted millions on projects and will continue to carry on regardless of ignoring public opinion and not doing what society is crying out for.


You can tell that sport is back on as the parking situation around sporting fields becomes a nightmare. There are yellow painted lines around corner intersections of roads for a reason. Firstly it is illegal to park on one and secondly it makes it extremely hard to get out of streets when vehicles block your vision while parked on the brightly painted yellow lines. Honestly, walk a further distance than park illegally and prevent a possible child getting injured while trying to cross a road or a vehicle accident with possible severe consequences.

Anne Bennett, Miranda

Robin Hood in disguise - Berejiklian Government

In response to the article on the July 18 titled "Highway Robbery by the State Government", I wouldn't call it highway robbery, it is simply a Robin Hood effect. However, they merely steal from whoever they can! I've been a resident of the St George & Sutherland Shire for over 30 years. I moved to this area for its family-friendly, green space, great outdoors, and a real sense of community amongst the people. Now we see Local Government (Georges River & Sutherland Shire Council's) and NSW State Government together simply to get whatever they can from us hard-working folks. Take a look at the skyline - 20 years ago, it was clear skies, with trees, now it's shadows and tall towers mocking the landscape, but below we are facing congestion on local roads, our rail infrastructure, and congestion in our schools and hospitals. Who would have ever imagined a talk block of units allowed to be built right next door to a public primary school! - this has happened in Miranda! Streets in Miranda, Caringbah, Gymea, for example, are now ghetto's of tall blocks of units where once stood homes with backyards, trees and peaceful neighbourhoods. Look at Cronulla - towers and towers of units and other developments including the controversial Sammut Hotel earmarked for Munro Park. The greed from Local Councils in raking in rates, and the greed from State Govt is raking in stamp duty and now soon to be tolls on the M6.

Gaye Cameron, Sylvania

Unsung hero

On Thursday morning, 9/7, a 96y.o lady went over the platform on her mobility scooter at Kirrawee station, falling onto the train track and sustaining serious injuries. Several people were awaiting the arrival of the next train, including one young lady on her way to university, who immediately dropped her backpack and jumped down to assist and comfort the poor lady, staying by her side (on the tracks!) until the arrival of an ambulance crew. I was puzzled, upon reading the report in Leader dated 15/7, that there was simply no mention of this young person's quick response and exceptional bravery! Congratulations to Abby van Midde for your heroic and selfless action!

Jan Weeks, Sutherland

Editor's note: We were not told about the actions of Abby when we asked eyewitnesses and emergency services workers about the incident. Your letter will correct the record. Well done Abby!


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