Weekly wrap: Why seeking accountability is not pointing the finger of blame

Weekly wrap: Why seeking accountability is not pointing the finger of blame

This week I had a lively discussion with someone who is involved in politics but is not a politician.

They asked, "Why do you have to try and blame someone all the time? It doesn't help anything."

I'd written an article a couple of weeks back asking why wearing masks on public transport was not compulsory in NSW yet.

The person took umbrage at the story because they thought I was looking to "pin" a decision on a politician and then if COVID numbers increased I'd have a "gotcha" moment.

I assured this person that was not the case. Seeking accountability is not trying to lay blame. Seeking clarity in decisions and accountability for those decisions when they are made is what our readers expect of us.

Perhaps if decisions were explained more clearly to the public, the public and journalists might be more satisfied with what they are being told.

Merryn Porter gives us one such example of the consequences of decisions not being explained clearly.

Merryn spoke with Laura Goldberg, who owns the Hurricane's Grill restaurant with husband Craig. They shut down for three weeks due to being linked with a couple of COVID cases. But messaging from authorities was not made clear to them.

I guarantee you it is a head-shaking yarn.

How good was the recent rain?

Not so good for some. Murray Trembath tells us the seawall between North Cronulla and Elouera beaches has been undermined by pounding waves over the last few weeks.

Our snapper Chris Lane got some great photos to accompany Murray's yarn.

Murray also told us this week a children's water play feature and a big screen for special events are included in the design for stage two of the Cronulla mall upgrade.

Providing housing for the community is a hot topic at the moment.

We can't get out and about much these days, so I thought you might like to do some virtual travel on your Sunday.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday read and that your coffee is hot and your toast is crispy.

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