Call for Sans Souci landmark tree to have National Trust listing

Sans Souci's landmark Moreton Bay fig will have extra protections in place including possible registration with the National Trust to protect it during any future development of the adjacent Bathers' Pavilion which is to be demolished.

Georges River Councillor Nick Katris said residents were concerned about possible damage to the tree, believed to be between 130 to 160 years old, once the Sans Souci Bathers' Pavilion is demolished.

Cr Katris lodged a Notice of Motion at the July 27 council meeting calling for the Kogarah Local Environmental Plan to be amended to add a specific reference to the tree as a heritage item.

The Moreton Bay Fig Tree is located within the local heritage item 'Sans Souci Park, Public Baths and Bathers Pavilion' but Cr Katris said specific reference to the tree will add extra protection.

His Notice of Motion also called for the council to note the inclusion of the Moreton Bay fig tree in the heritage schedule of the Georges River Local Environmental Plan 2021.

This will increase the level of protection afforded to the tree during any future redevelopment of the adjoining site and will be a matter for consideration during the determination of any related development application.

"I also ask the council to consider proceeding to nominate the fig tree for inclusion in the National Trust of Australia's Register of Significant Trees," Cr Katris said.

And he called for the council to seriously consider that the tree be included in its own Significant Tree Register once it is prepared.

He was unanimously supported by his fellow councillors.

The Georges River Local Planning Panel on July 21 approved a development application lodged by the council for the demolition of the Bathers' Pavilion and imposed a number of conditions to ensure the Moreton Bay fig tree adjoining the site will be protected and safeguarded during works.