Starbucks opens at Westfield Miranda after five-month delay due to coronavirus

Starbucks Miranda has opened after a five months delay due to the coronavirus.

However, the "cosy and intimate" atmosphere that used to be associated with the chain, is missing, with no seating inside the store and only a small number of well spaced tables and chairs available in a partly enclosed outside setting.

The new coffee shop, on level 1 of Westfield, around the corner from Woolworths, began trading on Tuesday August 4.

On Wednesday afternoon, there was a long line of customers, including many school students, waiting to order.

It is the first Starbucks outlet in Sutherland Shire and was due to open in March in the space previously occupied by Jamaica Blue,

Plans were put on hold when the pandemic hit.

Founded in the US in 1971, the Starbucks brand came to Australia in 2000 through a store in the Sydney CBD.

The network has grown extensively since then, but up until now the nearest outlet to the shire has been Hurstville.

Today's operating procedures are another reminder - if one was needed - of how life has changed.

"Starbucks coffee houses offer more than the finest coffee sourced from across the globe," said a promotional blurb when Starbucks was preparing to open in March.

"Friendly people, great music and a comfortable upbeat meeting place create the famous Starbucks Experience.

"The layout and atmosphere of Starbucks stores is specifically designed to be cosy and intimate, while at the same time providing people with their own personal space to use as they wish.

"The combination of armchairs, coffee tables and chairs, bars and stools and community tables means that there is something for everyone.

"Those looking for peace and quiet away from home or the office can relax and linger in comfortable surroundings and escape into a book.

"For those looking for an intimate place to meet friends, you can huddle around a coffee table and chat over a mug of coffee - just as they would in their own home."