Carlton Public School held a virtual open day during 2020 Education Week

Carlton Public School was among those to embrace technology in order to connect with parents during Education Week (August 3-7).

With open classrooms and school assemblies filled with eager parents not possible this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, schools instead held virtual celebrations.

Carlton Public School at Bexley was among those to hold a 'virtual open day' this year and created 41 videos of 'virtual tours' of classrooms and programs to share with parents.

Both the virtual open day and videos were presented on Thursday.

Principal Steven Mead said COVID-19 had made it more difficult to maintain strong connections with students and families.

"Education Week is traditionally a time where schools open the doors up to their community to share our student's work, perform concerts and highlight the strengths of public education," he said.

"Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we had to look for innovative ways to recognise and celebrate Education Week 2020 and the theme of 'Learning together'."

He said staff took on the challenge of creating five-minute videos to showcase the work of students, classroom environments and additional programs.

"Working collaboratively with their students, they took photos and video of students to provide a snapshot of a regular day in their classroom," he said.

"They also included specific pieces of student work to recreate the experience of viewing student work on a traditional open day.

"Some class videos also included performances, physical fitness sessions, guided tours and student interviews."

He said the year 6 community language programs created videos to share learning experiences in Mandarin, Arabic, Macedonian, Indonesian, Maori and Greek, providing a unique opportunity for students and families.

"The school library also created a tour to invite our families to have a 'virtual walk through' of this dynamic learning space," he said.

He said the 41 videos could be accessed by students through the school's online portal to share with their families.

The school also held a student film competition which focused on the 'Learning together' theme.

Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell said 'Learning together' was a fitting theme given the extraordinary challenges faced this year by parents, students and teachers.