Passionate about lawn maintenance

LAWN CARE:Greg from Green Machina has the products and the know-how to get your grass in tip top condition.

LAWN CARE:Greg from Green Machina has the products and the know-how to get your grass in tip top condition.

There's nothing better than walking out your door and seeing a lush green lawn that is healthy and free from weeds and pests.

However, the reality is that many of us don't have the time or the know-how to keep our grass in tip top condition.

That's where Greg from Green Machina can help.

"Instead of going to your nearest hardware store and spending hundreds of dollars on products that are just not what your lawn needs, give us a call," Greg said.

"Our products are made to last and on a treatment plan, we can have your lawn looking spectacular within six months and maintain it. All my customers get comments on how great their lawn looks."

Greg is passionate about lawn regeneration and maintenance. He worked for a franchise for a few years but decided to start his own business 12 months ago.

"My client list is growing at a phenomenal rate and I couldn't be happier. Building my business and caring for my customers' lawns is what this is all about," he said.

Greg wanted to start an Australian owned company that operates under the three As.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Where the owner is the person that is accountable for his work, nothing less than best practices, best products and being accountable for living up to the expectations he places on his business.
  • AWARENESS: Greg has studied the products and knows the best ones to use all year round, including during the seasonal changes and the pests and grubs that come with this. He knows what is required to get his clients' lawns to where it needs to be.
  • ATTITUDE: If you go online to you will see the impossible made possible. Attitude is not turning up for a 10 minute spray treatment and moving on to the next. It's doing the hard yards first. It is being there for all the work that needs to be done including aeration, top soil and giving professional advice. Some lawns look like they can't be saved, but with the right attitude and hard work, it is possible.

"I was a butcher by trade and that's where I learned that treating people/customers the right way, with respect and honesty goes a long way," Greg said.

"There are no half measures in my company, if I turn up to do a lawn treatment, I do it! I am the sole operator of the business and that's how I like it so I can ensure all my customers are looked after.

"I want to know your lawns, where you want them to be and give an honest appraisal of what we can achieve."

Having a beautiful lawn, whether it be a home, a block of units, a business, a footy field or a school oval, shows that you, the owners, care about your property and Green Machina wants to help you with that.

"My products are for the many varied lawns and grass types in Australia. What may be good for some lawns, could damage others. I DO NOT use any Glyphosate at all. My fertilisers are all organically sourced. This is where all the studying of my own products since starting this business has come to fruition," Greg said.

"Be aware of 'lawn maintenance' people who say they'll spray your lawn. Ask for their ChemCert card to see if they are legally qualified or not."

Whether you want an area for your kids to play safely, a bowling green lawn, your own personal golf putting green or just a lawn to be proud of, Green Machina is the company you should be dealing with.

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