Caringbah bakers do more than just make dough

Kurt Bieder says there is always a chair in the kitchen for customers who are having a bad day. Picture: Chris Lane
Kurt Bieder says there is always a chair in the kitchen for customers who are having a bad day. Picture: Chris Lane

The owners of a long-established Caringbah shop are doing more for the community than just baking tasty pies and cakes.

Kurt and Wendy Bieder are also providing some simple kindness at Simple Simon Pies, near the train station entrance.

The couple invite customers who are feeling down or in need of a friendly ear to come out the back to the kitchen for a chat and a cuppa.

The practice came to light through a Facebook post by Mr Bieder on R U OK? Day last week.

"Whilst we do love making great products for our community, we equally love listening to people stories and sharing ours," he wrote.

"We have 2 seats out back that are regularly used to have a chat in the kitchen if someone is having a crappy day.

"If you need to chat , scream or let off steam - come inside. Wendy and I love to be there for the ones who are continually supporting us."

Mr Bieder said later it was something they had been doing for four to five years.

Wendy Bieder with regular customer Pat.

Wendy Bieder with regular customer Pat.

"It's a nice community here and we enjoy talking with people, sharing stories and exchanging a bit of banter," he said.

"Sometimes people need more - a chance to talk about a problem or just to be cheered up.

"We take them out the back, sit them down and put on the jug."

Mr Bieder said, after putting the post of Facebook, he wondered whether he had done the right thing.

"I don't like rattling my own chain and I thought some people might think we were using R U OK? Day to build our business," he said.

Facebook followers certainly didn't think so. Comments included:

  • Lorraine Dobner: "Wow, so thoughtful!. You two are a fabulous, kind, generous and considerate couple. To top it all, the best bakers in Australia!"
  • Rhonda Tyrrell: "How amazing are you two! Such big hearts and best bakers! Thank you".
  • Glenda Fogliani: "How wonderful of you both. well done".
  • Frances Rowley: "Great job!"

Simple Simon Pies, like nearby Parry's Milkbar, has been operating at Caringbah for more than 60 years ago.

Kurt and Wendy Bieder have had the business for eight and a half years and are the third owners.