Weekly wrap: Life goes on in St George and the Shire

Weekly wrap: Life goes on in St George and the Shire

G'day readers,

This week was we acknowledged RU OK day. The world is spinning a little differently this year due to COVID and it is a frequent question we ask each other at the Leader. I hope you were able to take the time to ask someone if they were OK this week.

Jim Gainsford tells us the Bayside Council's growing pains were recognised this week with an upgrading in its category. This means an increase in the mayor's and other councillors' fees.

Ever wondered what former Sharks player Beau Ryan would cook if you were invited to his place for a meal? Merryn Porter gets you a first-hand look at the menu.

Merryn also tells us what the NSW Government's guidelines for school formals and graduation ceremonies are. No pashing allowed but some other normal formal activities have managed to stay.

I am still on vacation for another three weeks, but I'll be with you again next Sunday.

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