Major weekend traffic delays in Royal National Park continue

Major weekend traffic delays in Royal National Park continue, with authorities seemingly unable to come up with significant measures to address the situation.

Transport for NSW advised last week traffic controllers would be deployed to manage problems, which have been caused by the closure of a section of Sir Bertram Stevens Drive.

However, Waterfall resident John VanderJagt said the traffic jam in the area on Sunday afternoon was "monstrous".

Mr VanderJagt said there was a 3km queue from Waterfall into the national park and a 8km queue on Princes Highway to Helensburgh

Traffic will be disrupted until the replacement of 75-year-old Flat Rock Creek Bridge is completed. The road is not due to reopen until October 20.

The project means a long round trip through Waterfall for Bundeena and Maianbar residents and added journey time for visitors to the national park.

Mr VanderJagt said residents from Bundeena and Maianbar were "incredibly upset at the whole debacle".

"Some to whom I have spoken suggested the state government should simply have closed the national park each weekend until the work is completed," he said.

"It worked well earlier this year for COVID, so it can work again."

A community engagement officer for contractor, Ventia Boral Amey Joint Venture, advised Mr VanderJagt, "The team has put up extra signage all around the park, as well as extra traffic control at the closures, and on Farnell Avenue next to the ticket booth to help turn traffic around safely".

"We understand that the next few weeks traffic might be busier on McKell Avenue, but unfortunately the work on the bridge has to be completed," she said.

The engagement officer assured him, "There is an emergency evacuation plan, which we worked on in consultation with the National Parks and Wildlife Services".

In another email, the engagement officer said VMS (variable message sign) boards would be placed on Princes Highway near Waterfall, advising of changed traffic conditions.

"We will also post a traffic controller with a ute and lights on Princes Highway to monitor the situation on weekends and can then escalate to the Traffic Management Centre and deploy crews if required," she said.