Use Heathcote Hall for a Shire Museum

Heathcote Hall: A Leader reader says it would be a great place for a Sutherland Shire Museum. Picture: John Veage.
Heathcote Hall: A Leader reader says it would be a great place for a Sutherland Shire Museum. Picture: John Veage.

I can think of no better place for a Sutherland Shire Museum than for the Council to reclaim back with state government assistance, Heathcote Hall. Using the model of Hazelhurst Gallery, which is so loved by the Shire, we could have a wonderful community venue. Green recreational space is so badly needed with all the new high rise accommodation in the Shire. Restoring the house with the society making that a significant feature of its exhibition would be remarkable. Leasing part of the house for function/restaurant use and an outdoor cafe would utilise the garden area, which is a major feature of enjoyment at Hazelhurst. I am sure the people of the Shire would love to have this given back to them for all to enjoy.

Lynette Richards


Girls' junior cycling in the Shire

I was pleased to see John Veage's article about the Southern Cross Cycling Club's recent hosting of the NSW junior championships. It would have been good to see the teen girls' races get a mention, though, as they too raced valiantly in the same torrential rain. Cycling suffers from a drop-off in teen girl participation, so it would be great for the girls of the Shire to know they can get involved in their local clubs, including Southern Cross, and follow the trail blazed by Southern Sydney riders like Ashlee Ankudinoff and others. Well done to all the junior cyclists of SXCC and elsewhere.

Louise D'Arcens, Sutherland

A reader would stand next to MP on Bridge 

Last week I received the latest copy of THE HEATHCOTE HERALD under the auspices of my local MP Lee Evans. Surprisingly there was no mention of The Sutherland Council's effort in promoting the need for a four-lane bridge at Heathcote in my copy. It would've been an excellent opportunity to reinforce the need for a replacement bridge to mention the Council's banner with MP Evans standing proudly in front of it, among the other photos of his other recent good works for the community. I know that Lee has been "fighting" for a much needed four-lane bridge, and I'll be the first to stand alongside him, (COVID distancing permitting.) If he wants to arrange a similar banner outside Parliament House in Macquarie St. The RMS is a bureaucratic juggernaut that is difficult to shift on even the simplest idea of change, but a Government embarrassed, is one that does listen.... eventually, and could pull those RMS boffins into line. People power WILL work, over to you, Mr Evans.

Hans Stephens

Our Highways

It is obvious that down here in the south-eastern corner of Sydney that we have been dudded. Freeways and tunnels are springing up everywhere but in our neck of the woods. All we have is a plethora of rat-runs that would excite the Pied Piper! It has now been over fifty years since the Captain Cook bridge was finished and still nothing of the promised highway from the International Airport through Scarborough Park and up to Kirrawee has been laid. Disappointing, to say the least! And don't get me started on that WWII horse and buggy track they call Heathcote Road! It's time we had some significant road works in this neglected corner of our city.

Ian Bryant

Barden Ridge

Catch the ferry

Now that our wonderful, but exhausted, Aussie marathon swimmer, Chole McCardel, has beaten the men's record for the most English Channel crossings, it might be time to tell her there is a ferry service available.

Paul Hunt


Wearing masks

As a front line worker, I was pleased to see that The Leader is encouraging people to wear masks. It is heartening to see more people wearing them, but I am increasingly frustrated by the number of people who are not wearing them correctly or don't understand the reason behind mask-wearing - which is to protect others. For example the number of people wearing masks with their nose hanging out over the top. People your snozz is the prime place for receiving or breathing out the virus. So keep your hooters covered.

Secondly, the number of people that come to the counter and lean over really close, then pull their mask off and talk loudly into your face. That way any Covid-19 germs will be directed straight at you. So please, please keep your social distance and keep your masks on.

Kaye Johnson


Parking Fines

Thumbs down to Sutherland Council for issuing $110 Parking fines on Saturday Morning to over 100 cars at Miranda Park for parents attending sporting matches at Seymour Shaw Park. Parents have parked here for years without issue and were fined without warning. Parking is tight at Miranda on Saturday Morning during the sporting season. Council can do better during these tough times.

John Orr


Station for Sutherland hospital

We in the Sutherland Shire need a station near the Sutherland Hospital, and now we need to build infrastructure, this is the time now as this route will cover several schools and sporting organisations and a shopping area and most importantly the Sutherland Hospital and Kareena Hospital.

Start at Miranda and go to Caringbah via the hospital then on to Woolooware and Cronulla then down to Captain Cook Drive past several clubs and schools and the shopping centre at Taren Point then back up to the hospital then back to Miranda station.

Nurses would use this, visitors to the hospitals and school children and teachers and people going shopping and to the respective clubs and sporting fields.

This services 98 per cent of all areas and facilities needed.

You are looking after the north-west, north, west but nothing for the Shire.

Gary Laing



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