Eloise in the BOX

Altitude training close to home

Training at altitude increases the amount of oxygen your body can naturally absorb and elite athletes who train at high-altitude give themselves a legal way to gain an edge in their performance.

Australian altitude training company, BOX Altitude have launched a new range of hypoxic training units to further enhance the simulated altitude training experience and meet the increased demands of at home training audiences.

The business has also supercharged it's athlete and ambassador team with Cronulla's Olympic long distance runner Eloise Wellings using BOX altitudes new K1 hypoxic units and working closely on Research and Development with the brand.

Eloise said especially now that you can't travel you can still live by the sea and train high in the mountains.

Eloise has seen, first-hand the impact altitude has had on her performance after extended stays at high altitude training camps.

"I respond to altitude,every PB I have run has been after an altitude camp.

"The new BOX unit is great,I've found other home altitude systems hard to use with kids running around and the mask-system is uncomfortable ." she said

"I've been working with BOX using the K1 and training cloud and loving the comfort, freedom and accuracy of the new machines" Wellings said as she trained in her garage at literally sea-level but in altitude like conditions.

The lower oxygen concentration in the Altitude room makes your body work harder without increasing your physical workload making workout sessions more time effective - which, in turn, reduces strain on joints and muscles.

The altitude simulation product is the brainchild of Rico Rogers, an ex pro cyclist who launched the business in 2014 after identifying an opportunity to bring altitude to athletes and ambitious amateurs without the need for travel and cost prohibitive training camps.

Rico Rogers said they are really proud to launch their new K-series hypoxic units.

"BOX's K1 and K2 provide athletes the opportunity to sleep and train at altitude with a quieter, more streamlined unit that is fully connected to an app allowing users to activate and set their home altitude units remotely and precisely." Rogers said

The company is also developing further application releases allowing wearable device data integrations and more product development.

International expansion is the next step along with new athletes joining the growing roster across a range of sporting disciplines who are turning to altitude training to improve their performance and Eloise is one of the first runners off the mark .