YOUR SAY: Sports barreling taken to a whole new level

A Leader reader says upgrading a stadium at Kogarah makes little sense.
A Leader reader says upgrading a stadium at Kogarah makes little sense.

Since when have MPs and Councillors not salivated by the lure of taxpayer funds, regardless of how they are spent?

"Investing" non-existent taxpayer funds in Jubilee Oval extends government sports-barrelling to a new level when many others are doing it tough.

Having a stadium at Kogarah City makes little business and planning sense, especially when Georges River Council is doing its best to sell business parking spaces "surplus to needs" - council's, not public.

Local MPs are blinkered and dazzled by the revenue that unquestioned pandemic spending offers, and are blind to, or comfortable with, the existing local human and social issues and cost.

The NSW Planning Department has seemingly been left out of the loop. The NRL has its usual influential way, at taxpayer and local expense, with weak and compliant politicians who deny or ignore the local dynamics, and the "lack of a (local) business case" (Jubilee Stadium move to be opposed, Leader, Nov 4).

Jubilee Oval is totally unsuitable for investment in its present location, and for general business or public use. Not only is the stadium an urban anachronism, in an expanding high-density residential area that shows no sign of abating thanks to fast-tracking by the same short-sighted Berejiklian government, and compliant local government, it also creates significant disruption, and noise, traffic and light pollution.

No planning protocol demands stadiums be retained in high-density residential growth centres, apart from marketing and political convenience, and unimaginative political decisions, which have all outlived their local usefulness.


Sans Souci

Puzzled by the attitude towards pool

Firstly, I must thank The Leader for keeping us lowly Georges River Council ratepayers informed as our council has concocted its plans to demolish the Kogarah War Memorial (Carss Park) Pool and destroy Todd Park with a completely inappropriate "Regional" Aquatic Centre. I have signed various petitions and am one of the over 70 per cent of residents who strongly oppose these plans.

From the very beginning, I have been puzzled and angered the majority of the councillors', almost belligerent attitude towards the residents' objections, and their determination to push ahead with their plans. The fact that the council has practically rejected the $5M grant from the federal govt always made me think that there is an agenda here that us ratepayers are not privy to. Now thanks to your article in last week's edition on page 6, "MP's welcome oval investment", the dots are joined, and the agenda is clear. It was always the intention to locate an aquatic centre at Jubilee Park as part of the state govt's "possible" commitment to funding suburban stadiums.

Even Chris Minns who stridently and publicly opposed the demolition of Carss Park pool is now onboard the bandwagon for a "district aquatic centre", as part of the Netstrata Jubilee Stadium funding/plans. So it would appear that our mayor got a tap on the shoulder some time ago about this and hence the determination to demolish our much-loved pool.

Please keep on investigating and reporting on this matter as we will watch with interest what develops from here. It would appear that Carss Park Pool is doomed from the Notice of Proposed Development also in last week's edition, and now I predict that Todd Park will be rejected as a site for an aquatic centre. Then, of course, an Aquatic centre will naturally appear in the plans for the developments at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium. Despite the obvious reasons against building a regional aquatic centre in that location.

Even more interesting to watch will be what our council decides to do with the prime waterfront land at Carss Park. In an interview on 2GB last year I believe, Alan Jones put the direct question to Kevin Greene as to whether the land would be sold to a developer for apartments. His answer was no, but a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then.

I find it is very hard not to be sceptical of our council's motives.

Scott Shade

Support for Dr Cozzi

I was both saddened and confused to read of Dr Cozzi's reprimand, as I had found him personable, professional, a great comfort and always highly responsive, especially after my initial assisted public hospital surgery went south due to individual differences. A private hospital corrective procedure was performed at short notice, and at the practice's expense.

At the time Dr Cozzi and colleagues were said to be the most successful prostate surgeons in the region, perhaps Australia. I owe him countless thanks for extending my life for over a decade, and hopefully more.

Richard Piech

Sans Souci

Late Notice

Just got the latest Georges River Council rates propaganda leaflet with my latest rates notice. It includes the impact of the proposed rate increase and note they only list the minimum changes.

This leaflet also says that if you want to find out more, they will be holding two webinars. Unfortunately, I received my rate notice after the dates both were to be held. I wonder if that also counts as community consultation when they invite you after the date.

John Rodger

South Hurstville

The hypocrisy of it all

Now we have Georges River Council placing banners around the area encouraging people to "Buy Local" - yet at the same time, they are in the process of selling off local shopping area car parks.

How can this be - on the one hand supposedly wanting people to "buy local" while making it difficult for locals to do so by selling off the car parks in those same local shopping precincts.

Once again, we see the unbelievable disingenuous approach by this Georges River Council to mask their desperate bid to chase developer's dollars. It is farcical - but very serious and the local ratepayers once again lose out.

Natalie Mort


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