How to travel in greater comfort

How to travel in greater comfort

This is a commercial collaboration with 13cabs.

There are many ways to get from A to B. But as any seasoned traveller will tell you, not all modes of transportation are created equal. When it comes to getting where you need to be in a timely and stress-free fashion, it's worthwhile planning ahead to ensure you stay safe and travel comfortably.

As Australia's #1 cab service, 13cabs has mastered the art of transporting individuals safely from their pick-up point to their destination.

Driven by their belief in the power of great service, 13cabs appreciate that there's more to getting around than pure logistics. Whether you're escaping to the country or need to get to the next suburb, being driven by a 13cabs Driver is more than just a ride, it's a comfortable journey.

Need to get somewhere, safely, and on time? Here are a few tips on how to get a ride in greater comfort.

Choose a company that will connect you faster

When booking a ride, particularly when you're on holiday you want a well - connected service provider that is accessible from all parts of Australia. Having established a clear leadership position in service quality, geographical coverage and technology, 13cabs offers the strongest network of all Australian cab providers.

The best part? 13cabs boasts an average national pick up time of within only 7 minutes. That means there will be less chance of you waiting longer than you need to for your ride.

Book your ride in your own time, and in your own way

Sometimes there's nothing more convenient than hailing a cab, but there are times when you may want, or need, to book ahead.

13cabs offers its customers multiple different ways to book and pay including on the web, and via their top-rated app. With contact centres based in Australia and staffed 24/7, you can also call their friendly staff on the phone.

Ride safe with a 13cabs

When we get into a car, we want to know that safety is built-in to the service. With 13cabs you're always chauffeured by a professional, uniformed, police checked and trained Driver.

For your safety, 13cabs also provide superior safety features such as 30,000 built-in cameras across its fleet, live GPS tracking and 3 mandatory vehicle safety inspections per annum.

Or, make it more personal with MyDriver

We've all had that experience when a Driver has really left an excellent impression and after the trip, you wish you could effortlessly book that Driver every time you need a ride.

Now when you find a Driver with 13cabs, you can save them and request them again via MyDriver, a brand-new feature in the 13cabs app. In a nutshell, MyDriver gives you control over who you ride with, adding a personal touch to the practicality of transportation.

Step into a clean and comfortable vehicle

When you call upon the services of a vehicle for hire you can never know what you'll be getting yourself into. Thankfully with 13cabs, customer comfort is top priority.

Not only are all 13cabs vehicles clearly-identifiable, they are also newer and cleaner than ever before. Leaders in sanitisation within the industry, 13cabs provide sanitisation hubs for all of their Drivers, ensuring your comfort and helping to protect your wellbeing.

Pick a provider that offers the vehicle you will need

When you book your ride with 13cabs you can choose a vehicle that meets your needs, be it a wheelchair accessible cab that is welcoming of guide dogs or a MAXI TAXI for larger groups who want to travel together.

Support a company that supports you, and its people

Nobody likes hidden costs, which is why 13cabs is committed to its promise of no surge pricing, no cancellation fees and late fees. Not only do they offer an inclusive service that is available to all members of the community, they also ensure that more of the fare goes to Drivers.

When you ride with 13cabs, you're riding with a company that is dedicated to taking care of its passengers, and its people.

Need to book a ride? Head to, download the 13cabs app or call 13 2227