Dancing to a pulse with children

Isabella Tomic with a student.

Isabella Tomic with a student.

Have you ever noticed your child randomly break into a dance move?

Dancing or moving to music provides a physical and emotional outlet for children in their most formative years experts say.

One of St George's most successful dance studios, Pulse Studios, offers classes for pre and primary school-aged children. The studio will hold an open and registration day on Saturday, January 16 at Oatley Girl Guides hall from 10am to 12 noon.

Karyn and Craig Maguire have managed Pulse Studios Australia for 16 years after having extensive successful dance careers on stage across Europe and the UK.

Last year presented many challenges, more so for face to face businesses like dance studios.

During 2020, the other part of the Pulse business-teaching dance in primary schools as part of the Physical education program continued to grow. It became the main focus for the Maguires.

They thought the natural transition was to offer one of their teachers the opportunity to "run with it."

They chose Isabella Tomic. Mr Maguire said she epitomises the values that a studio is a "dance family".

"Dance and children have always been the two most prominent aspects of my life," Miss Tomic said. "I started to dance at the age of four. The environment was nurturing, which allowed me to feel safe and freely express emotions and feelings through movement.

"I aim to provide that same caring, safe and supportive environment for each of my students to thrive in."

Pulse Junior Studio offers dance classes for ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and boys beat. Age groups 2-4 (Bellarinas), 5-7 (Pulse Petites) and 8-12 (Pulse Juniors).

Class numbers are deliberately limited to provide the nurturing and teaching of techniques to an individual level.