Bayside Council waives application fees for home renos up to $100,000

Bayside Council waives application fees for home renos worth up to $100,000

Bayside Council has decided to waive fees for applications for home renovations worth up to $100,000.

The idea was put forward in a Notice of Motion by Councillor Bill Saravinovski at last month's council as part of the council's ongoing financial assistance to the community during the COVID-19 recovery.

The fee waiver will apply until December 31, 2021.

The Notion of Motion stated that "Council endorses financial support for our community by waiving fees payable to Council associated with the lodgement of development applications and Complying Development Certificates for alterations and additions to dwelling houses and ancillary development up to $100,000 in in order to continue to provide support to the community in the areas of construction and building."

Georges River Council has also adopted a similar policy.

The fee waiver will mean a reduction in fees and charges for Bayside Council of approximately $60,000.

Cr Saravinovski said the aim was to encourage someone thinking of carrying out home renovations to do it sooner.

"I see first-hand in my job at the St George Bank. We have had an influx of customers that are renovating their homes and the spin-off of that is to the local tradespeople, the hardware store, the supplier, the plumber, the electrician," Cr Saravinovski said..

"This is to try and trigger some sort of activity and employment opportunities," he said.

"It is not a large amount. We are losing $60,000 but the spin-off will be far greater if we get an influx of applications in relation to renovations."