Five tips for hosting the perfect garden party this summer

This is a commercial collaboration with T2.

Summertime - it's a season that beckons us to embrace all the wonders of Australia's warm climate and celebrate the end and/or beginning of the year.

The summer of 2020/21 is particularly special as it marks the end of a rather tumultuous 12 months. As such, Australians are eagerly planning the upcoming months with anticipation and delight.

Whether you're spending your holiday at a family beach house, or spending time in your hometown with friends and loved ones, your schedule of events is likely to include a garden party of sorts. Here are five things worth considering when setting up your soiree so you can be formally dubbed the hostess with the mostest.

1. The theme

Rustic, vintage-inspired, kitsch or classic - there are all sorts of themes you could choose for your outdoor party. The theme will not only set the mood for the day, but will form the basis from which the other party elements will be built. Will you go with a crisp, monochrome vibe, or will everything be mixed and matched from an op-shop? Whatever you decide, ensure you stick to it in order to nail the aesthetic.

2. The crockery and cutlery

Do you want to spend the bulk of the day doing the dishes? Or would you prefer to take a load off (pun intended)? If you opt for the latter, consider bio-degradable cutlery and crockery so you can enjoy a plentiful and eco-friendly afternoon. It is easy to source sleek looking disposable plates, bowls, and cutlery these days so you don't need to compromise on style. If you do decide to go with solid kitchenware, make sure you use your theme as a base to guide you on the tones and styles.

3. The menu

A quick Google and you'll be able to choose a menu that perfectly complements your theme. Going for a traditional party? Think potato salads, coleslaws, BBQ chickens and roast vegetables. Or perhaps your theme is of the vintage ilk and a high-tea is more appropriate? There is also nothing wrong with a takeaway menu, especially if it alleviates your stress on the day. Just make sure to use your own serving platters!

4. The drinks

The drinks will tie everything together, so it is important they're not an afterthought. Since it's summer, a cold drink is the only way to go! Iced tea is typically a great choice as it adds a touch of class, making it perfect for an outdoor celebration.

T2 has a huge selection of flavours to choose from, including all the classics as well as an array of fruit teas, rose teas and lemon and citrus teas. The iced teas can also be the perfect base for a cocktail (or mocktail), adding further spice to the party! Need some inspiration? T2 has a variety of delicious iced tea, cocktail recipes and more. T2 also sells a variety of accessories to brew and serve your iced teas, ensuring the drinks are taken care of!

5. The atmosphere

Once the above have been decided upon, you can finish off your party with the non-culinary elements. Will the music be live? Will there be garden games for adults or water play for the kids? Will the table setting feature doilies, candles, native foliage, or fairy lights? This last component is the cherry on top, and will truly round off your perfect summer soiree.