OPINION: Black spot program improving road safety

OPINION: Black spot program improving road safety

Over the past five years, the Federal Government has invested more than $10 million into projects to improve the condition and safety of roads in our area.

A significant part of this investment has been through the Federal Government's Black Spot program, which provides funding for upgrades to roads and intersections with a history of serious crashes. Improving the safety of local roads is one of the most common issues raised by local residents. The data also shows that the Black Spot projects are a great investment as they significantly reduce the number of serious incidents on our roads.

The most recent evaluation of the Black Spot program by the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics found that on average, each project reduced crashes by 30%. Projects that included a roundabout had the most impact, with a 70% average reduction in serious accidents. Using funding from the Black Spot program, we have been able to install a roundabout at the intersection of Mercury Street and Edgbaston Road in Beverly Hills, upgrade Hillcrest Avenue near Moore Reserve in Oatley, and install a new pedestrian crossing and speed humps on Hannans Road in Riverwood. We also completed an important project in Peakhurst with the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Belmore Road and Clarendon Road.

Many residents would be familiar with the previous difficulties of turning in and out of Belmore Road at that intersection - serious incidents had occurred, and action needed to be taken. Last year our area benefited from funding for five new Black Spot projects and nominations are currently being taken for the next round of funding. Projects can be nominated by any member of the public and are assessed by an independent panel made up of road safety experts and government representatives.

If you know of a local road or intersection that you believe is in need of improvement and would like to make a nomination, please let me know by emailing me at david.coleman.mp@aph.gov.auor by visiting davidcoleman.com.au