Gladys' best team for Kirrawee roadworks

Write to the editor at craig.thomson@austcommunitymedia.com.au

Write to the editor at craig.thomson@austcommunitymedia.com.au

A hearty congratulation to Gladys Berejiklian and the team for the roadworks at Kirrawee.

You obviously have your best men (or women) on board, both of them, and I have noticed a third on some occasions, yes indeed a third.

Powering ahead, possibly allowing you to bring forward the grand reopening to 2023

A couple of years of work and disruption for a couple of kilometres of possibly excellent road, possibly!!

Robert Parker


Hungry Point walkway

The Hungry Point walkway is something to be celebrated by residents and visitors to the Sutherland Shire. It will complete The Esplanade, making it one of the finest coastal walks in Australia. It offers views over the Port Hacking that are nothing short of stunning.

When the Fisheries closed down, many were fearful that the site would be sold off, but fortunately, the community's voice was considered, and Crown Lands formed a Trust to ensure continued public use.

The plans for the extension of the much-loved Esplanade are now on display and can be viewed on the Join The Conversation section of the Sutherland Shire Council website. I would urge everybody who loves our natural environment and the recreational opportunities it provides us to register, comment and show their support.

I would also like to thank Mark Speakman MP for his ongoing support for the project and his hard work to ensure funding. The Chairman of the Trust (now known as Land Manager), John Rayner, also deserves special recognition for his hard work in driving the project. John was General Manager of the Sutherland Shire for many years and, in retirement, is now volunteering his considerable skills to make great things happen in the Shire.

Byron Hurst

Member The Hungry Point Land Management Committee

Some quotas for blokes too?

I applaud the Liberal Party's belated embrace of the concept of using quotas to increase the number of female MPs as a means of diluting their current reputation for in-parliament house misogyny. Still, yet again, we see the characteristic failing of the conservative mindset, of not going far enough with reforms.

The Liberals in Parliament are used to offering Senate ticket and Cabinet position quotas to vociferous and self-entitled minorities. I mean, they govern with the support of the Galahs from the Nationals, who attract even fewer votes than the 'Noisy Mynas' of politics, the Greens.

In Australia, the last time I looked, it was us men who were in the minority, so I could be quite satisfied to see a guaranteed ongoing quota of 48 or 49 per cent of seats being reserved for Male MPs.

Also, why not add in a generous 10% or so of these for the graduates of big-name Non-Government Schools?

I'm sure that both of these are quotas that could easily be filled by merit-based selections - from among the current pool of candidates. As for the rest, well, there are those overly generous Job start allowances to fund their transition to new and less Canberra Centric careers. The more opinionated might care to become Taxi drivers, usually quite free with their opinions.

Garry P Dalrymple


Happy to pay for parking

I want to comment on the article "state government makes nurses pay".

I worked at St George Hospital for 30 years and paid for parking. Nurses and all other health workers have always gone beyond the call in their efforts, so why make such a big deal of this now. It's time to stop complaining and be happy you can park your car safely under cover each day.

Denise Cavanagh

Bonnet Bay

Turn the lights out

The State government is constantly talking about net-zero emissions by 2050 but is doing little about it at a micro-level. Just take Engadine railway station as an example.

Acknowledging that security is important, I can see no reason why the station is lit up like an alien spaceship every night. You could turn off half the lighting, and it would still be safe and effective. I am mystified when I get into the lift at the station and feel the air-conditioning cooling the air for the 15 seconds I am in the lift before I exit into the heat once again. And this is pumping out 24 hours a day. And finally, the parking spaces alongside the Princes Highway are lit up with massive lighting towers all night long with not a single car parked there! Why not just light up four spaces or, better still, turn the lights off. Multiply this waste across every railway station, bus stop and government facility and we would meet net-zero emissions much earlier than 2050. Forget about burying our carbon...just turn some lights out!

Patrick Kennedy



Indeed, Donald Page letters March 17, rape is a very serious crime, and rape allegations as such must be investigated by police - even historical ones.

NSW police have demonstrated they are unequal to the task, and the Federal Government has sought to distract and obfuscate with its failure to implement an independent enquiry.

Christian Porter's defamation suit against the ABC (the last bastion in investigative journalism, responsible for exposing numerous injustices and corruptions) is the latest distraction.

Lee-Anne Walker

Gymea Bay

Open a new investigation

Following the ABC program on the Luna Park fire, we can urge the member for Cronulla, and NSW Attorney General, Mark Speakman, to establish a commission of enquiry.

The web of corrupt police and politicians are just as culpable as the criminals who perpetrated these murders of innocent children.

Justice has to date not yet been served. As a civilised society, we have a duty of restitution to these families to examine this new evidence,

Mike Robertson