Prime Minister Scott Morrison officially opens Kurnell headquarters of Dicker Data

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has officially opened the new $74 million Kurnell headquarters and distribution centre of tech company Dicker Data.

Mr Morrison toured the facility last Friday, two months after Dicker Data moved into the state-of-the-art, custom-built facility.

The media was not invited to attend.

An Australian-owned and operated distributor of hardware, software, cloud and emerging technologies, Dicker Data was listed on the Australian stock exchange in 2011.

Its most recent financial results showed total revenue of $2 billion in the last financial year.

Construction of the new facility at 238 Captain Cook Drive, Kurnell, adjacent to the facility it occupied for the past 10 years, began in November 2019 and was completed in February.

The 17 hectare site is located in Mr Morrison's electorate of Cook and employs 458 people.

The facility represents almost 80 per cent increase in capacity, with a 50 per cent boost in warehouse space.

The new facility. Picture: Supplied

The new facility. Picture: Supplied

Mr Morrison said Dicker Data was at the centre of Australia's digital revolution and it was great to see such a vibrant company go from strength to strength.

"I am proud as Prime Minister and proud as a local member to look at the shire and see the strength of our community. It is a constant reminder of how Australia is soaring ahead," he said.

Dicker Data was founded by its chairman and chief executive David Dicker in 1976 with his former wife, Fiona Brown.

Mr Dicker designed the new headquarters, while Ms Brown oversaw the project.

Mr Dicker said it was a great honour to have the PM officially open the new premises.

"We have certainly come a long way," he said.

"In about 1983, we moved into our first factory at 78 Captain Cook Drive - a 750 sqm facility that we were really excited about.

"In '99 we moved to a much larger building in 60 Alexander Avenue [then] in 2007 we moved to 5 Sir Joseph Banks Drive, again looking for more space to expand."

In 2010, the company acquired land at 230 Captain Cook Drive and constructed its first purpose-built facility.

Mr Dicker said while he felt certain at the time it was their last move, they also outgrew that premises.

"Fortunately, we had been able to buy the much larger land next door and again planned a completely new facility."

At 29,000 sqm, the new facility is the same size as 23 Olympic swimming pools.

A development application for an additional 20,000 sqm warehouse has been approved ready for future expansion.