YOUR SAY: Confusion over our recreational facilities

I'm concerned that the council is out of touch with what Georges River Council actually has in terms of recreational facilities. A recent mayoral minute article referred to skate parks, indicating we have more than one. In my opinion, we only have one in the entire local government area.

There was a pop-up skate park put in during the school holidays, and it was buzzing with local kids highlighting the need for a quality skate park to be built. Council has invested heavily in golf courses and cricket grounds over the past couple of years. Sadly it closed the only BMX track at Mortdale Depot, with no community consultation and not rebuilt it anywhere. The proposed Mountain Bike Track at Gannons Park was removed from the plan and not built anywhere else.

We currently have kids cutting down trees and creating a range of long-term environmental problems because the council has failed to cater for this age group. When it comes to recreation for teenagers, so many families are travelling out of the area due to the non-existent recreation facilities for this age group.

I suggest the mayor goes on a few excursions to other Sydney Council areas to learn what it means to have places for all ages. Maybe the excursion will inspire the council to share some of Hurstville Golf Course for a Mountain Bike course.

Melissa Derwent


Who owns councils?

I've recently become aware that it is illegal to park in the driveway leading to your own house because it is council property (You can't legally park on council property, April 14, St. George Leader). Seriously? Who owns the council? Who pays the rates? Just like the government, state or federal, we the people are the council!

Gary Frances

Parking on council property

This letter (You can't legally park on council property, April 14, St. George Leader) shows how many drivers and ill-informed about parking rules, let alone human decency.

When would a two-ton vehicle ever have precedence over a human being walking children, dogs, elderly? Don't give up on revenue-raising for this issue. It is dangerous for neighbours to use their own driveways. It is dangerous when people with prams need to go out on to the carriageway.

Residents should report offenders and get them all fined.

Max Murray


Take the money 

When will the Georges River Council wake up, take the federal government's $5m contribution, and use some of the proposed 'harmonisation' rate increases across the LGA to redevelop the Carss Park swimming pool?

It is a dead set no brainer. What is the problem ???

Simon Flack



NSW Health informed me all the Pfizer vaccines are for group 1a. The 1b group can only get the Astrazeneca vaccine until more Pfizer is available at the end of the year. NSW Health is inflexible.

NSW Health is not being responsive to the evolving situation where people are staying away in droves from GP vaccination clinics because of concerns about the Astrzeneca vaccine.

At least some of the Pfizer allocation should be made available to the 1b group who may be unsuitable for the Astrazeneca for health reasons. Instead of telling us to wait six months until Pfizer vaccines are more widely available.

Mary Kontothanassis

Correction regarding mayor's advice on motion

In our article Council's Carss Park pool demolition decision found to be 'illegal' (April 14, 2021) we published a quote from Cr Hindi: "Kevin Greene said on the night that he had obtained legal advice and that the motion is lawful, I am now challenging him to produce the legal advice that he had relied upon in making his determination."

In our article Councillors challenge legality of Carss Park pool demolition decision (March 11, 2021), we published a quote from the mayor from the March meeting, "As far as I am concerned making the determination tonight, it is legal because the determination was taken in October."

The Leader acknowledges the mayor did not say he had legal advice. He said it was his opinion the determination was legal.

Craig Thomson - Editor


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