YOUR SAY: Disappointment with Sutherland to Cronulla active transport link

The route of Stage 2 of the Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL). Picture: supplied

The route of Stage 2 of the Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL). Picture: supplied

It was so disheartening to read the new State Government proposal to run the Sutherland to Cronulla active transport link (SCATL) on footpaths and roads along the Kingsway, which will worsen traffic congestion and jeopardise the safety of everyone using it. (Leader March 13, 2021)

The original cycleway (SCATL) plan funded by the State Government and promised after the last election (Leader June 2, 2015) was based on numerous petitions and consultations between Sutherland Council, architects and the residents. It was to provide a safe, flat, convenient and direct off-road shared path in the rail corridor and adjacent land. The aim was to reduce road congestion, not increase it.

Our views appear to have been sought purely for cosmetic reasons, the 'keeping up appearances of genuine consultation. Residents are trying to work, raise families, pay mortgages and, for some, just retire in peace. They should not be expected to spend their limited time and energy engaging in futile, expensive consultations.

We cannot continue increasing housing density in the Sutherland Shire without proper infrastructure planning. (Miranda alone has gained 972 new apartments within five years)

Hopefully, residents of the Sutherland Shire will participate in the public consultations from April 19 until May 9 to add their expertise and insights to try again to get a direct, effective Sutherland to Cronulla shared path option to link major centres away from main roads utilising already allocated State Government funds.

Genuine, sustainable community infrastructure for the future needs to be given priority over short-sighted, profit-driven developments.

Diane Hallion


Stage 2 of SCATL

Shire residents deserve a high-quality active transport network. It is one of the least costly ways to reduce traffic congestion on our roads, currently out of control due to the state government's unrestrained approval of high-density housing. After years of planning and public consultation and assurances that most of the 11 kilometres Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport Link (SCATL) would be within the rail corridor, the state government has abruptly announced that the 'Spine' of the Shire's Active transport network is to be plucked out and unceremoniously dumped alongside busy Kingsway. No longer will it continue to the Cronulla CBD. Instead, our long-awaited SCATL will stop at Gannons Road - shouldn't it now be named SWATL?

Hundreds of driveways and many intersections will need to be crossed on this new route, making it unsafe. Kingsway is a very busy road making it unpleasant for walking or cycling, and its hills and traffic signals will make it slow and inefficient. Anyone who wishes to reach Cronulla CBD will have to travel first to Captain Cook Drive and make their way from the Northside of Bates Bay (Wanda Beach).

The state government cannot cry poor. As $710 million was budgeted for active transport over the next four years. Less than $24 million has been spent for the first year. Shire residents are being short-changed and should speak up and demand that the Spine for our active transport network be placed back in the rail corridor as promised.

Tassia Kolesnikow

Grays Point

Sad loss of shoe shop

It was sad to read of the closure of Mr Faris's shop in Caringbah. I'm old enough to remember when we took our shoes to be soled and heeled and looking as good as new. One can't help wondering how landfill will accommodate the thousands of joggers that are thrown out every week.

Ruth Turner,

Grays Point

Deers and community safety

A feral deer was maimed and a car completely destroyed after the deer collided with the vehicle in the early hours of the morning last week on North West Arm Road, Grays Point. The deer sustained critical injuries and required euthanasia by police at the roadside. Luckily, the driver was not hurt. Given the exploding numbers of feral deer with suboptimal management in place for their control as a feral pest, it remains timely to notify police should deer be visible on the roadway to ensure community safety.

Dr Lucy McKenzie

Grays Point

Clustering of boarding houses at Kirrawee Station

There have recently been three applications for boarding houses in Kirrawee. DA19/0730 for 113 residents at 465 President Avenue has been approved and is within metres of the five-storey 47 room boarding house in Fauna Place DA21/0154 for 82 resident, which is pending approval. The Sutherland Shire Local Planning Panel is reviewing a further 62 room boarding house at 165-171 Oak road DA20/ 0778. If approved, there will be potentially 327 boarders within 800 metres of the station.

More boarding houses within 800 metres of Kirrawee station, and any other station where homes or businesses can be replaced, are likely to be proposed because NSW State Legislation prefers boarding houses to be this close to train stations.

This type of overdevelopment should not go ahead as its growth far exceeds the existing infrastructure. These large bulky buildings are intrusive, overlook surrounding properties and do not cater for families at all.

It is time that the residents have a genuine say in maintaining the character and amenity of their suburb.

Cath Thompson


A thank you to a kind person 

This morning after attending the Anzac service in Cronulla, five of us, my brother in law Bill Hewson and our Family members had breakfast at 96Degrees Cafe. When we came to pay our bill, we were told a customer who had come for a coffee had paid it. What a wonderful act of kindness, whoever you are, thank you and God Bless.

Thomas Grant




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