McDonald's Menai seeks permanent 24-hour opening following 'successful' trial during COVID-19

McDonald's Menai. Picture: Google Maps
McDonald's Menai. Picture: Google Maps

After opening 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the last seven months under COVID-19 provisions, McDonald's Menai has applied to make the arrangement permanent.

The company says there is community demand for the extended hours and only two complaints have been received during the informal trial period.

A development application (DA) to make the hours permanent has been lodged with Sutherland Shire Council.

The DA said, McDonald's had utilised the Environmental Planning and Assessment (COVID-19 Development - Extended Operation) Order 2020 at numerous sites.

"This order was enacted to provide retail premises flexibility to extend their hours of operation to ensure that the needs of the community were met by providing easy access to essential services such as food," the DA said.

"Menai McDonald's have utilised this Order to trade outside of their current approved hours and have been operating from 24 hours a day, seven days a week since 2 October 2020.

"The extended trading period under the COVID Order has provided an informal extended hours operating trial to see first-hand the benefits of extended trade.

"Throughout this period McDonald's have demonstrated their ability to deliver an essential service to the community in a safe and secure environment, whilst not causing adverse impacts on the surrounding amenity.

McDonald's Menai is located at a roundabout in Allison Crescent, opposite the Menai Marketplace car park. Picture: DA

McDonald's Menai is located at a roundabout in Allison Crescent, opposite the Menai Marketplace car park. Picture: DA

"McDonald's continues to operate in accordance with their council approved Plan of Management, with policies and procedures in place to mitigate potential impacts.

"Through the adoption of these mitigation measures and good practices there has been minimal complaints received in relation to the extended trading hours.

"Furthermore, the extended trade has enabled the operation to employ additional staff, which provides an economic benefit throughout the community."

The DA said, in the first month of operating the informal trial, two complaints were made about the volume from the customer order display (COD) unit at the drive-thru and a delivery truck arriving early in the morning.

"The store demonstrated its ability to work with the community as both incidents were rectified as soon as possible, with the COD units volume adjusted the next day and the contractor for the delivery vehicles contacted and it was reiterated the permitted delivery hours to the store," the DA said.

"Since these issues were rectified there have been no further complaints."

The DA said the proposed extended trading hours would not result in an increase in anti-social behaviour in the area.

"Menai McDonald's is responding to customer demand and public need," the DA said.

"The proposal will provide a convenient service for local residents, visitors and passing traffic to access a food premise during late night hours.

"Furthermore, the location of the site at an intersection to a classified road sees constant traffic passing the site during all times of the day and night.

"By providing late night and early morning services, McDonald's will be able to service the demands of this passing traffic including early morning and late-night shift workers."