Fencing at Wattamolla to be upgraded to stop cliff jumps

Cliff jumping at Wattamolla lagoon in Royal National Park. Picture: John Veage
Cliff jumping at Wattamolla lagoon in Royal National Park. Picture: John Veage

Fencing at Wattamolla lagoon in Royal National Park will be upgraded to try and stop cliff jumping.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) carried out a review following the death of a Nepalese student, 27, in January this year.

A spokeswoman for NPWS said the next stage of visitor infrastructure works at Wattamolla had recently gone to tender.

"The works include improvements to visitor facilities near the car parks as well as changes to traffic flows to enhance visitor access," she said.

"From the outset, modifications to the fencing at the top of the cliff / waterfall were included in this project, however specifications have been reviewed in light of the incident over summer.

"The works to improve visitor facilities at Wattamolla are expected to be completed by the end of the year."

There have been several deaths and injuries resulting from cliff jumping into the lagoon over many years.

In the incident on January 4, police said emergency services responded to reports a man and a woman had got into difficulties after jumping from a rock ledge.

A woman in her 20s was treated at the scene by ambulance paramedics and taken to hospital in a stable condition. The body of the man was later retrieved.

Undeterred by the tragedy, thrill seekers were continuing to jump from the cliff the following day.

NPSW said at the time, "Jumping off the waterfall at Wattamolla Lagoon is not permitted.

"The waterfall is fenced off to the public and the signs at the waterfall advise no jumping and no diving.

"NPWS will review the incident, including the current safety measures in place, and will make changes if any additional preventative safety measures are identified.

"NSW Police are investigating the incident and preparing a report for the Coroner."