Weekly wrap: No one is safe until everyone is

G'day readers,

As I have said before, sometimes newsrooms can advocate for the community and get a good result. Sometimes we can also ask the local community to get on board with a national cause.

Some of you are hesitant, and with good reason, but for those eligible, book in and get the jab because no one is safe until everyone is.

On Friday, Kogarah boy Chris Minns became NSW Opposition Leader. He is excited about the new role and reckons Labor can beat Gladys Berejiklian and the government at the next state election. What do you think?

Murray Trembath tells us Greenhills Beach residents are calling for talks between the various stakeholders over the proposed $20.4 million indoor aquatic / water polo centre in the grounds of Cronulla High School. The residents are pushing for the centre to be moved. Check out the images opponents say show the impact the project would have on adjoining homes.

Merryn Porter tells us three St George men have been charged as part of an international investigation into the large-scale supply of prohibited drugs, including cocaine, worth $900 million. WOW! Merryn explains how the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and NSW Police collaborated on the big bust.

Merryn also gave us some feel-good news this week when she told the tale of Burraneer's Scarlett Money. Ms Money's story is one of a bright spark who took on a male-dominated industry with enthusiasm and landed a job she loves.

And finally, also from the good news file, especially for those who love a coffee, Murray tells us what is happening with the former North Cronulla beach kiosk.

On that note, I think I'll shuffle off now and have my first coffee for the morning. I can hear the bacon crackling in the frying pan. One of the things I love most about Sundays is eating a big breakfast.

I hope your Sunday is full of love, laughter, food and news. Thank you for subscribing to the weekly wrap newsletter and for reading the Leader, the team and I appreciate it.