YOUR SAY: Development approval raises questions

Surely I'm not the only one wondering what it takes to get some developments approved.

A duplex in Peakhurst where one driveway is clearly obstructed by a telegraph pole, right next to a pedestrian crossing AND in front of a busy high school. Yet, they somehow got approval to put the driveway around the pole. Unbelievable! I've been watching it being built over the last few months, thinking surely that it can't be a garage; there's a pole directly in front of it? Yet ahead it went.

Adam Murphy, Peakhurst

Mixed COVID messages

Mixed messages about COVID vaccination continue, not least the NSW Premier's assumption that people would have at least one month's supply of food on hand when enacting a lockdown. It would be challenging to keep that much fresh food in the refrigerator, or it lasting the variable lockdown distance. Are citizens asked to overbuy or second guess when the message has consistently been the opposite?

The Premier has reported being prevented from visiting elderly parents. Is this because they have yet to be fully vaccinated when the rollout is being rushed to under the 40s? Weren't the aged to be vaccinated first? To be fair, the PM is also confused, enabling stages 2 and 3 before 1A and 1B. I suggest that both follow the medical, not political schedule and providing both Pfizer and AZ to the most vulnerable and least resilient first - Pfizer because of its multiple efficacies. Vaccinating the most resilient doesn't stop loss of life in the aged or COVID infection and spread.

Most vulnerable wouldn't have access to aged care, cared for by family, which like aged care workers, are at equal risk of infecting their charges. These home cared and carers, unlike those in aged care, don't have access to Pfizer.

If the aged in hospice and home care had been vaccinated first, supplies might have been a less contentious issue, and restrictions and economic loss not as prolonged or devastating similarly, if authorities had acted faster on Delta.

The Devil has been in the detail.

R Piech, Sans Souci

Where is the plan?

I read your story in The Leader, another story, with the Council saying that the Carss Park Memorial Pool should be demolished and after that time a decision would be made on what the Council will do.

Shouldn't you have a plan of what to do before doing anything, or is that just something peculiar to Government?

You are elected officials to represent the residents, so be influenced by what those residents want, then make a plan, communicate that plan, then do the plan before you do something halfway before deciding what the next half is. So reasonably basic, one would think.


South Hurstville

Trolley dilemma

So we will be spending money on workshops, Really? Give all shops six months to put money release slots on all trolleys. Any new shops in the area have to have these sort of trolleys. Westfields, Big W, and Woolworths should, after this time, control their trolleys.

Max Murray


Good deed appreciated

If you are looking for a good Samaritan, go to Sandringham waterfront on Wednesday, July 7. While walking, I fell from my mobile walker fortunately onto the soft ground.

People surged to help. I want to thank the nice Bayside Council worker who was shovelling soil and who picked me up from the ground.

Thank you from a Topsy Turvey old lady.

Name and address supplied.

Keep your distance

When walking with my dog, I am mindful to socially distance and I also wear a mask.

Today, two women walking along the street brushed past me, completely disregarding the 1.5-metre social distance advice as I adjusted my dog's collar. Instead, they were standing next to me, chatting as I waited to cross the road in an empty street.

We know the Delta virus is in South Hurstville, so surely mindfulness rather than stupidity is required, at least to the end of lockdown.

Anything we can do for community safety is paramount at this point in time, as is adherence to our government medical advice.

L.C, South Hurstville



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