Weekly wrap: What is essential and what is not

G'day readers,

It looks like we will be locked down for a bit longer, and judging by the response to our COVID yarns; our readers want some clarity from our leaders.

What is essential and what isn't? For example, should an electronic or a white goods store be opened, or should only grocery stores open for business and at that in a click and collect mode?

The wishy-washy language and actions from our 'gold standard' Premier are losing her some fans amongst our readers, that is certain.

Murray Trembath reports a supermarket giant has plans for a purpose-built facility catering for the collection of online orders, with dedicated pick-up lanes for "direct to boot" service. The response online was overwhelmingly positive. What do you think, should the supermarkets offer this service and close the checkouts until the lockdown is over, or run a combination of both?

Murray also tells us COVID alerts have been issued for venues in St George and Sutherland Shire; we hope all our readers can remain safe and well during this truly testing time.

And sadly, we learned of the passing of surfing legend Brian Jackson this week. John Veage wrote a wonderfully reverent in Memorium to 'Jacko'. He certainly lived a full life.

We have had several requests from Leader readers and subscribers to the weekly wrap for an 'explainer' about what is genuine and not regarding COVID and vaccinations. A Sydney Doctor spoke with our Kayla Osborne and gave us some answers to common vaccine myths and misinformation. We hope it helps to answer the questions you have.

We are working hard to make sure you get all the COVID update news you want during this lockdown, but to balance it with some good news and general news yarns that you also want to read. I reckon we've got the balance right, but if there is anything you'd like us to do a yarn on, send me your ideas and we will discuss them at our next news meeting. I am always happy to hear from our readers.

Until next week, stay safe and well and may your day be full of love, laughter, music and news.