Staff member at Kareela Grocer tests positive for COVID

Kareela Grocer. Picture: Facebook / Kathryn Hatfield
Kareela Grocer. Picture: Facebook / Kathryn Hatfield

A staff member of Kareela Grocer, in Kareela Village, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Kareela Village has advised anyone who was was in the store on Thursday July 15 between 3pm and 6.30pm to self isolate, seek a test and wait for advice from NSW Health.

The new case follows a Coles Kareela worker testing positive earlier this month, with subsequent alerts for the supermarket between July 2-7 and El Portico Chicken on July 7.

Kareela Village issued an alert regarding Kareela Grocer on its Facebook page, saying, "The store has been deep cleaned overnight as has the entire centre.

"The store will be closed today (Saturday) and reopen tomorrow.

"Please note we cannot give you any advice on if you are classed as a close or casual contact you need to wait for the direction of NSW Health, who will contact you if you scanned in with the QR code.

"Employees of the centre are having regular testing as are our tenants and the centre is being deep cleaned on top of our regular cleaning schedule to help keep you safe.

"All of our other shops remain open and safely trading for pickup or delivery."

The Kareela Grocer Facebook page also alerted customers to the case, adding, "on a positive note that person is not in a bad way".

The business said the store was professionally deep cleaned on Friday evening and today every staff member was undergoing a COVID test.

"Once the results have been received as negative and the shop has completed the deep cleaning procedures, we plan to open the shop back up on Sunday 1th July.

"Online delivery will also commence Monday."