Court sides with Georges River Council on boarding house proposal

Court sides with Georges River Council on boarding house proposal

Georges River Council has successfully defended an appeal against the refusal of three boarding houses in the Penshurst Heritage Conservation Area.

The Lands and Environment Court dismissed the proponents appeal at a hearing held on June 30.

A council spokesperson said the council was pleased with the outcome.

"It's a successful outcome for Georges River Council and its community who had argued that the proposal was out of character and would have a detrimental impact on the Heritage Conservation Area and the environment," the spokesperson said.

"The developers had proposed plans for three attached boarding houses within a heritage conservation area along with the removal of significant trees."

The spokesperson said the Land and Environment Court's judgement found the design of the proposal was incompatible with the character of the Heritage Conservation Area and 'had an unsatisfactory design, form and impact on significant trees'.

"In alignment with Georges River's community values, the win is a demonstration of the importance of heritage conservation and the protection of the environment held across the local government area," the spokesperson said.

"Council was able to champion the community's needs and defend against the incursion of unsuitable development in our Heritage Conservation Areas."

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