Craig Kelly drafts bill for pollie pay cut

DRAFTING A BILL: Member for Hughes, Craig Kelly MP. Picture: Geoff Jones
DRAFTING A BILL: Member for Hughes, Craig Kelly MP. Picture: Geoff Jones

Hughes MP Craig Kelly has drafted a private members bill calling for politicians to take a pay cut during lockdowns.

Mr Kelly has taken steps for his We're All in This Together Act 2021 bill to be introduced into parliament.

Kelly says he is looking for a seconder for the bill.

"I had an MP agree to be the seconder, but that particular MP can't attend parliament at the moment," he said.

"I'm currently looking for the alternate seconder amongst the MP's that are currently in Canberra who can second the bill for its introduction this parliamentary session."

Mr Kelly said if government and opposition politicians use the phrase we're all in this together, they should mean it.

"Politicians both federal and state, and all senior government bureaucrats should have their weekly salary reduced to $750 per week for as long as any lockdown continues in their state or territory.

"If governments are going to continue to deny Australians the freedom to earn a living or prevent them from opening their business, and politicians expect families to survive on $750 per week for an extended period, then politicians and senior bureaucrats, including myself, need to set an example and cut their salaries to the same $750.

"The bill would call on all shire and state Libs, as well as the ALP to support this initiative and to likewise introduce legislation at a state level to mirror my Federal Private Member's Bill."

Mr Kelly said he hopes there are politicians in parliament that have a good conscience and vote for the bill.

"If people making decisions have to go through the same distress with finances that the members of the public do, perhaps they will think harder before making decisions that negatively impact on constituents," he said.