YOUR SAY: The next federal election is not far away

Member for Hughes: Craig Kelly. Picture: Sitthixay Ditthavong.

Member for Hughes: Craig Kelly. Picture: Sitthixay Ditthavong.

Firstly, I'd like to congratulate Kelly Ryan (Leader 8/9) on a fine opinion piece. I couldn't agree more.

I must, however, disagree with Brian Phillips' view about the right of elected representatives to switch political allegiances. When you or I cast our vote at any level of government, we vote for a candidate based on their particular individual qualities and their perceived ability to adequately represent their constituents. This is irrespective of the party that promotes them. After all, would you vote for a convicted paedophile or drug smuggler just because you are loyal to the party that nominates that person? If a good representative of their electorate can no longer abide by the party they belong to, they must be free to release themselves from the constraints of that party.

I have found Mr Kelly's office very forthcoming and helpful in the two times I have sought assistance from them. In that way, he was doing what he was elected to do. I do not in any way agree with or approve of most of his personal views and decisions. In my humble opinion, he has shown an appalling lack of judgment by joining forces with Clive Palmer. It will surely cost him his seat. I think he knows this and he is playing the long game. For those who dislike Mr Kelly regardless of any redeeming qualities, rest assured the next election is not far away. (Dr) Mark Schwartz, Illawong

Pay cut for pollies

It's okay for Craig Kelly to say all politicians should take a pay cut during these lockdowns, but if Craig Kelly takes a pay cut, will he be bankrolled by his new boss Clive Palmer, the billionaire. Come on, Craig, be honest, and tell us how much money and benefits have and will Clive Palmer give you during this lockdown and beyond, should you be only earning $750 per week as a politician. Would we really " All be in this together"? Or just the people who DON'T have rich bosses. Craig Kelly's solution won't work, but it will stir up political unrest for the people who are hurting during this pandemic. The best thing we can do to manage this pandemic is to Vaccinate, wear a mask and follow the pandemic rules and let's get these businesses open again and people back to work. We all want to see happy faces again. But, you know what they say, Craig, "Dance with the devil and you'll surely go to hell". Silvana Conti, Engadine

Gangs of boys on bikes

Thank you for your front-page story Wednesday 01, 2021.

The same thing is happening in Ash Avenue Caringbah South. We have gangs of young boys on bikes running havoc in our street. They have completely vandalised a once lovely grassy paddock next to a pristine creek supporting wildlife; it is now a dust bowl with dangerous deep holes dug out everywhere.

Residents have had enough. Several residents have had their garages broken into, including mine. They are stealing shovels, fishing rods, tools, bikes, vice, picks etc. We know it is the boys as we have later found our shovels hidden in the creek.

The boys are going to the toilet in the creek, smoking drugs, dumping rubbish everywhere, standing in the middle of the road and not letting cars pass, loud music, swearing, the behaviour has become intolerable and they are intimidating the residents, we no longer feel safe. The children are not from Ash Ave. Their parents are even dropping them off for the day! Sutherland Shire Council has received letters and many phone calls from residents, and they are not responding. They have no consideration for the residents who pay very high rates to live in a once quiet street. Why is SSC allowing this to happen? Name and address supplied

A Shire Bronze

The item about Cronulla Daniel Michel competing at his second Paralympics set the scene for his bronze medal-winning performance at Tokyo in the event known as Boccia, which in simple terms, is where participants play from their wheelchairs using leather balls to score ("Daniel Michel dreams for gold" Leader, September 01).

Since the item was published, Daniel won a bronze medal in the Mixed B3 Boccia event, and in so doing, became Australia's first medallist in the sport since 1996.

It is worth noting that Daniel's career has been complemented by the Steve Waugh Foundation. In Daniel's situation, the Foundation part-funded a robotic arm, finger replacement and repairs.

As the sun settles on both the Olympics and Paralympics while the dog's bark and the caravans roll on, the victors return home after a sensational performance; they are all entitled to a break from the physical and psychological challenges they faced.

But not too long: Daniel said he is devoting himself to a Paralympic title. He has overcome so many challenges. I'm sure he'll relish the next three years - yes, three, not four - as he gets ready for Paris. Paul Hunt, Engadine

Freedom of choice

Re Getting 'fed up with vaccination sceptics', Leader August 25. The writer proposes that people who can't or don't wish to have the vaccine should be singled out by police and have their licences suspended and then interred in re-education camps. Well, it's all about compliance. If you don't comply with what the government or the beauracrats want you to do, whether it's good for you or not-freedom of choice, democracy. Your proposed treatment of dissenters has been tried before with great success by Adolf Hitler and his Gestapo. He went one step further, though, and eliminated those he didn't like or used them for medical experiments. Do you propose this too? The same practice is carried out today by the Chinese communist party in treating the Muslim Oughirs. And where were your allegiances when the tanks rolled through Tiananmen square? An event that had our prime minister at the time in tears. This seems to be the way of all communist leaders, eradicate those who don't comply with your doctrine. We used to live in a democracy where we cherished our freedom and freedom of choice. Just remember that if I lose my freedom of choice as you propose, you will also lose your freedom of choice. Neville Jeanneret

Comments misinterpreted

Nowhere, in my comments, did I mention that people out and about in Cronulla, breaking COVID restrictions, were all from other areas. It was so wrong of letter writers to assume I did and direct an attack at me. Linda Felton, Cronulla