New data reveals extent of inner south west Sydney job losses

Picture: Shutterstock
Picture: Shutterstock

New data has revealed that the number of payroll jobs across south west Sydney have declined since June, when the region was plunged into lockdown.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data showed the inner south west had experienced a 13.7 per cent decline in payroll jobs - the largest drop in Sydney.

Barton MP Linda Burney said the ABS also showed Sutherland had endured a 7.9 per cent decline.

"These devastating job losses are the price our community is paying for the Prime Minister's mistakes," she said.

"The Prime Minister's botched vaccine rollout is hurting workers and small businesses and the Australian economy is bleeding hundreds of millions of dollars a day and billions of dollars a week as a direct consequence.

"We can't have a first-rate jobs and economic recovery with a third-rate vaccine rollout."

The data also data showed that payroll jobs across south west Sydney has fallen by as much as 13.5 per cent since June 26.

Werriwa MP Anne Stanley said the data did not capture the impact on self-employed workers, who have also been hit hard by ongoing restrictions.

"These job losses are a direct result of the Morrison Government's mistakes." Ms Stanley said.

"Scott Morrison has botched the vaccine rollout and the Australian economy is suffering billions of dollars a week because of it.

"More importantly thousands of workers and small businesses have been hit hard as a direct consequence.

"It isn't possible to have a strong workforce and economy with a weak vaccine rollout.

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg told the Canberra Times the lowest unemployment rate in more than a decade had been overshadowed by the impact lockdowns were having on the economy.

"Normally when the unemployment rate is a 12-year low, it'd be a cause for celebration, but not today," Mr Frydenberg said.

"Today's numbers show the impact of the lockdowns are having.

"I would expect we will see a continued negative impact in the labour force data next month, in the month of August, and indeed maybe after that."