Weekly Wrap: We aren't trying to scare you

G'day readers,

I received an email this week from a reader who was upset with our daily COVID update yarns and a couple of other articles we've done this week regarding hospitals.

As the editor, the reader claimed that I was responsible for scaring her and others by 'sensationalising' the COVID numbers reported from the daily 11 am Premier's press conference. She also took exception to some investigative reporting we have done.

Kayla Osborne spoke with a south Sydney ICU nurse who responded to the Leader on the condition of anonymity, her account of the impact of the virus is compelling.

I assure you and the reader I am not trying to scare anyone; we are simply trying to keep you informed, and judging by the number of people who read the yarns and other emails I get, it is appreciated.

I don't take the reader's feelings for granted, I certainly did not fob her off, nor would I take any concerns from readers lightly. But, the truth is, as I've explained before, it is a daily struggle to get the balance correct between positive yarns and reporting on COVID related things.

Please be sure that 'scaring' you is not my aim or our journalist's, sometimes the truth is scary. We can't shy away from that, but we will always aim to play a straight bat and report the facts as they are.

This comes after Premier Gladys Berejiklian refused to meet with mayors of the local government areas of concern, including St George and Bayside.

Now for some good news!

Murray Trembath has smelled the beans and given coffee lovers something to look forward to.

Sarah Falson keeps bringing the 'good feels' to the Leader with her yarns of cute, beautiful and wonderful things people are doing to make others feel good during the lockdown.

Please keep sending me the feel-good yarns. We love them, and I love publishing them, and it seems our readers get a kick out of them too.

We do have it good in Australia. Here's a pic from a reader that shows us why.

Hopefully, soon we will all be able to experience things like this more regularly.

Keep safe and well. Thanks for reading the Leader and for subscribing to the weekly wrap. I hope your day is full of love, laughter, music and news.

Chat with you next week.