Poo a problem at Forbes Creek Reserve

Poo problem: Bags of dog poo retrieved from the bushland at Forbes Creek Reserve. Picture: Supplied.

Poo problem: Bags of dog poo retrieved from the bushland at Forbes Creek Reserve. Picture: Supplied.

During the lockdown, a lot of people visit Forbes Creek Reserve with their dogs. Many do use bags to pick up the dog poo, but many don't. Some of those using bags just throw them in the bush when they think they are out of sight. Bit of a shame, really, as the poo and plastic bag ends up in Forbes Creek. Forbes Creek is home to echidna, goanna, wallabies, ducks, snakes, lizards, frogs, water dragons and many other native flora and fauna.

The attached photo shows bags of dog poo retrieved from the bushland at Forbes Creek Reserve in just half an hour. So please, people, take your dog poo with you and put it in your bin at home.

Name and address supplied.

We love the Loftus Angel

I, too, would like to thank the ' Loftus Angel' for their thoughtfulness. I reside in First Avenue, and I, too, received a beautifully crocheted love heart in my letterbox. It certainly does show the community spirit. I have hung the heart up in my home, and it brings a smile every time I look at it.

So, whoever is the Loftus Angel, Thank you and some leafy Loftus love back to you.

Elizabeth R - Loftus

Morrison's many failings

I congratulate Kevin De La Torre (Leader letters September 8 headed "Time to go") for his letter where he listed the significant lack of action by the LNP government led by Scott Morrison, member for Cook and Prime Minister. This has prompted me to list many of this current, and previous LNP government's failings in so many areas that I feel need addressing.

Many Shire people are oblivious to these failings and continue to vote LNP members into power at both Federal and State levels time and time again.

My list below, in no particular order, is in no way totally comprehensive. However, I believe that the list gives an overview of the LNP government's failings and should if people actually 'THINK before they vote', be food for thought!

  • +The Federal government's complete lack of definitive action on climate change and the continued support of coal mining for electricity generation. Renewables are the future, but the LNP refuses to move this way.
  • + Free University, initiated by the Whitlam government in the early 1970s and torn down in stages by the LNP.
  • + Medicare was a health system that was the envy of the world. However, it has now been torn down and underfunded by successive LNP governments and partially replaced by a proliferation of private hospitals and clinics that are all based on the profit motive of investors!
  • + Attacks on Unions and working conditions is in the DNA of LNP governments. When have we EVER heard that the Federal (and State) LNP governments agree with wage increases or positive changes to working conditions? How many workers, just in The Shire, were affected by the reduction in penalty rates? How many spoke to their employers about the loss of earnings? How many joined a Union? How many workers, particularly in the hospitality sector, would want to go to a USA style system where tipping to make a living wage would be the norm?
  • + The debacle of the NBN. Originally planned as "Fibre to the premises" by Labor, changed to "Fibre to the node" by the LNP (to make it cheaper by keeping the at least 60 years old copper network), then "Fibre to the pit" near to the premises. Unfortunately, all the LNP changes achieved was a slower NBN speed, no decrease in cost!
  • + The ongoing demonization of refugees, many of whom have been actually classified as legitimate cases for resettlement.
  • + The Sports Rorts and car-park rorts, both of which cost taxpayers countless millions of dollars--and nobody was held responsible!
  • + The 'Robodebt" disaster for those Centrelink recipients least able to counter this attack--and the Jobseeker payments to big corporations who now refuse to pay back the excess taxpayers money they were given.
  • + Finally, and this is not the end of my criticism of the LNP, just the end of this letter, the absolute failure of the LNP, led by Scott "it's not a race" Morrison to procure adequate vaccines to protect the entire Australian population! The vaccines were offered, but Morrison and Health minister Hunt just didn't act quickly enough to procure them.

Shire residents and the voters of Australia in general, I believe, should really examine the policies of the LNP BEFORE casting their votes at the next election.

Kevin Gowen, Caringbah

Upgrade of Cronulla esplanade pathway

I just wish to express my dismay at the timing of public works on the esplanade walkway near the RSL

Although the work on the pathway desperately needs repair/upgrade, I challenge the councils timing for this project. WHY would you wait till spring/summer to start an upgrade on this heavily used pathway. This would have to be the busiest time of the year for the community to utilize this area for exercise and enjoyment. The mind boggles at the incompetence of the decision-makers in regards to this project. As if the surf club debacle hasn't been bad enough, but now after new turf was laid after the workers had departed from this project, it has been all dug up again and gravel laid for this new project. How much money is wasted by the council is not coordinating one project to follow the other and just one refurbishment of the park grounds to be completed. Get your act together, council and work together on projects that overlap and save us, ratepayers, the expense of incompetence.

J Metti.

Waterhouse Camellia Gardens is a delight

My wife and I recently enjoyed a delightful Covid-19 exercise walk through the Waterhouse Camellia Gardens Caringbah. The wonderful spring growth of flowers is stunning. There are bright beds of violas and the strong orange/yellow of calendulas. Brilliant blue, red and purple cinerarias follow one of the curving pathways. Perhaps the most arresting of all is the long sweep of pink primulas and pansies along the southern wall that contrast in beautiful colour. Camellias, which are in varied and good flower throughout, are an inspiration.

The team of gardeners is to be complimented on the excellent work they do to keep this treasure in such good-growing condition. We thank God and the Shire for such a beautiful place to enjoy - even in a lockdown!

Alan and Elizabeth Watson, Gymea