Sutherland Shire Council to remove 'informal bike jumps' at Maris Park

Informal bike jumps are dotted throughout Maris Park, Lilli Pilli. Picture: Chris Lane
Informal bike jumps are dotted throughout Maris Park, Lilli Pilli. Picture: Chris Lane

Concerned residents surrounding Maris Park can breathe a sigh of relief - the informal bike jumps in the reserve will be removed.

The Lilli Pilli park has in recent months become dotted with bike jumps which residents say are created and used by young people.

Sutherland Shire councillor Carol Provan raised a notice of motion at Monday's council meeting calling for the informal jumps to be removed and the park restored.

"I love kids being able to get out and play outdoors - I am a grandmother to three boys and I know how difficult it is to keep kids entertained right now," she said.

"But I think we are getting to the point where this is becoming vandalism.

"A lot of residents called me distressed about the state of the park. When other councillors and I visited the park recently to speak with residents, we were confronted by a group of girls and boys on bikes and it was quite rude.

"The residents told us that this is some of the things they are dealing with."

Cr Provan said residents were unable to enjoy the park.

"They can't even go down and sit there now," she said.

"But we are going to go in and reclaim it. We will restore it to how it used to be."

However, Maris Park is not the only local reserve experiencing this issue.

"Ash Park has not got a blade of grass left in it," Cr Provan said.

"Fenton Park has gotten pretty bad as well. And people need their parks now more than ever.

"We need to come up with a plan to restore these parks as well."

Cr Provan has also called on the council to investigate a suitable location for local bike riders to access jumps.

"We need to find a place where we can give these kids some jumps too," she said.

"We need to find that balance.

"We have to find a place where we can put a few jumps for kids to use."

Council staff are also expected to establish a councillor-led consultation discussion group with bushcare volunteers, residents supportive of passive recreation, residents in close proximity to parks, youth and relevant staff to enable authorised bike jumps in identified parks.