Lockdown unmasks hidden talent

Lockdown has unmasked some hidden talents for one Blakehurst family.

Mother of three, Aneta Filipowski has turned her hand at craft, making bonsai flower arrangements out of face masks and wire.

Aneta said it is all about getting her children away from computers for some person face time.

"With the restrictions it is hard to entertain the kids over the school holidays," said Aneta who has three daughters aged 16, 13 and 12.

"I have done a lot of craft in the past and I was thinking of a projec for the kids t and I thought why not try and do something with old face masks rather than throwing them out," she said.

"I sprayed the masks with Glen 20 to disinfect them and then sat down and tried to come up with a few ideas.

"I used to do bonsai," Aneta said. "So I thought, why not try to turn the masks into bonsai flowers.

"My youngest daughter had to do a craft project for school so she was able to complete some flowers using masks for her project.

"Doing craft gets the kids together to play and talk and gets them away from their computers and laptops.

"They can communicate with each other and I think that's important. School is all computers during lockdown and if there is something to get them away from computers it is good.

"I think we should all contribute something and save our children from sitting in one spot and doing nothing."

Aneta's next craft project will be for halloween. She is planning to make ghosts out of bathroom tiles.

"And coming up to Christmas I will be making gingerbread houses," she said.

"Last year I held classes for children to learn how to make them.

The parents came along and drank champagne while the kids made the gingerbread houses. It was a wonderful atmosphere."

"Hopefully we will be back this Christmas making more gingerbread houses."