Cronulla restaurants prove popular with users of booking app The Fork

Cronulla restaurants have been inundated with bookings as lockdown ends, according to a leading booking app.

Restaurant-booking app The Fork released data this week that showed Cronulla was in the top 10 suburbs for restaurant bookings in both NSW and Greater Sydney.

Cronulla came in at number nine in NSW for most booked restaurants and number six in Greater Sydney, only behind Sydney, Paddington, Darlinghurst, Mosman and Narellan.

With NSW opening up again from October 11, the Fork released industry-wide data around how and where NSW residents were planning to eat out.

It found restaurant bookings were up 253 per cent since September 27, when NSW's roadmap to freedom was announced.

Group bookings were also up, with the average booking size now 5.2 people, although two-person bookings remain the most popular.

'Pub grub' is the most popular restaurant booking, in line with the reduced capacity of indoor venues.

People are also eating out earlier than before the pandemic, with 6pm making up 31 per cent of bookings, while lunchtime bookings now make up 23 per cent of all restaurant bookings, compared with 19 per cent pre-COVID.

Greater Sydney has even more lunchtime bookings, at 25 per cent of all bookings.

This Saturday, October 16, is shaping up to be a big day for restaurants, with more bookings than any other day in the next fortnight.

Next Door at Cronulla wrote on its Facebook page a week ago that it was already fully booked for its dinner services this weekend.

Neighbouring restaurant Sealevel is also booked out for the next two days.