COVID-19 cases in Bayside and Georges River LGAs plummet

Fighting back: Active COVID-19 cases are coming down in St George.
Fighting back: Active COVID-19 cases are coming down in St George.

There are 173 active cases of COVID-19 cases in the two council areas in St George, according to the latest NSW Health data.

The Map of NSW COVID-19 positive cases and testing by local government area and postcode on the NSW Health website today, for data collected on October 16, showed a total of 173 active cases in the two local government areas - compared with 566 on September 24.

Georges River Local Government Area had 80 active cases, compared with 256 three weeks ago, while there were 93 active cases in Bayside Local Government Area, compared with 310 on September 24.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 cases linked to postcodes in the St George area showed there were 168 active cases today, compared with 524 three weeks ago.

One postcode, 2222, which takes in Penshurst, and is part of Georges River LGA, has no active cases.

The total figures per LGA and postcode can differ due to council boundaries. A full breakdown of cases per postcode is below:

The 2210 postcode, 21.

The 2207 postcode, 16.

The 2217 postcode, 11

The 2220 postcode, 14.

The 2209 postcode, 16.

The 2216 postcode, 27.

The 2208 postcode, 14.

The 2205 postcode, 10.

The 2219 postcode, 10.

The 2218 postcode, 10.

The 2222 postcode, zero.

The 2223 postcode, 14

The 2221 postcode, 5.