St George Matters with Chris Minns: Bill to end privatisation now before the NSW Parliament

Chris Minns
Chris Minns

Bill to end privatisation now before the NSW Parliament

Since coming to office in 2011, the NSW Liberals have sold off $93.4 billion of our public assets. Their most recent privatisation - the full sale of Westconex - creates a virtual private monopoly, with tolls rising at four per cent a year for 20 years - double the rate of inflation

Ever-increasing tolls are a major financial burden on families in St George, which are already struggling with the high cost of living and the effects of the pandemic. The M5-East toll has the added impact of massively increasing traffic on surrounding local roads in my electorate of Kogarah.

I believe that public assets should be in public hands. That is why NSW Labor introduced legislation to protect our vital public assets from privatisation. Our bill will forces the Government to get approval from both Houses of Parliament to sell any public assets.

Tom Ugly's Point

I've been contacted by residents in Blakehurst about the dilapidated condition of Tom Ugly's Point. The reserve along the shore in that area is in urgent need of attention. Therefore, I am urging my community to get involved and sign the petition available from my office, which calls on George's River Council and other relevant agencies to fix and maintain Tom Ugly's Point.

Norm Provan

Earlier this month, I was proud to get behind a campaign by Dragons fans to have the Grandstand at Jubilee Stadium renamed after Norm Provan. In a big win for the community, Georges River Council voted unanimously in favour of this change last month. Congratulations to all who participated in this campaign.

Hurstville Schools Safety Update

Student safety in and around our schools in Hurstville is a significant concern for our community. I have been working with the two local councils and the local schools to address the safety issues. Updates on the progress so far are available from my office.