Stop the argy-bargy and take the plunge on the pool, councillor says

Georges River Council permanently closed Kogarah War Memorial Pool (KWMP) at Carss Park on July 23, 2019. Picture: Chris Lane
Georges River Council permanently closed Kogarah War Memorial Pool (KWMP) at Carss Park on July 23, 2019. Picture: Chris Lane

Stop the argy-bargy and take the plunge on the pool.

This was the message from Councillor Kathryn Landsberry to the last meeting Georges RIver Council before the December 4 council election.

Frustrated with the lack of progress on a decision to replace the Carss Park pool, Cr Landsberry called for the new council to find the political will to make progress on the issue.

Last month, Cr Landsberry asked council staff when councillors would be provided with a feasibility comparison between the Todd Park site and the former Carss Park pool site for a new pool.

The tender process for additional feasibility studies concluded in mid-October and no tender submissions were received.

Council officers then sought a Request for Quotation from suitably qualified service providers as an alternative attempt to procure the feasibility studies. They are hoping to hear some news by next week.

"The motion was moved just over a year ago for a feasibility study for the Carss Park Pool site," Cr Landsberry said.

"Unfortunately, some councillors saw fit to rescind that motion and it kept going backwards and forwards and a whole year has gone by and we have not progressed any further.

"So for another summer we'll be faced with no outdoor pool at Carss Park Pool.

"In the meantime there are other LGA's that have gone ahead and are rebuilding pools at their same site. Blue Mountains Council is rebuilding their pool which is of similar vintage to Carss Park Pool.

"Ashfeld, Canterbury, Blue Mountains, Botany, Lane Cove - there are very many LGAs in Sydney alone that have just pushed forward with it, knowing exactly that this is what the community has asked them to do.

"We need the political will to commit to a site so that our residents know that we are serious about this.

"Stop thinking about this ridiculous prospect of potentially the State Government throwing enough money at building something at Jubilee Oval and taking one of the only patches of green space in that part of the world that residents that live there can actually access.

"People don't have access to Jubilee Oval. They can go there and watch sport but they can't walk on it and roll around on the grass as they can at Kogarah Park which would be gone.

"It's a terrible location. To even consider putting an aquatic facility there and hanging everything we've got on the State Government throwing some dollars at it is crazy.

"I would implore everybody who is putting themselves forward for the next election and on the next term of council, let's get serious about it," Cr Landsberry said.

"Let's not go through another few months of argy-bargy about whether we should immediately demolish the pool with no plan.

"Let's move forward with it and give our residents some hope."