Demand for boarding houses is sky high

The demand for boarding houses is growing in the Georges River local government area as seen in two development applications lodged in recent weeks.

At Allawah, a seven-storey, 46 room boarding house would replace a single dwelling on the corner of Mona Street and Illawarra Street.

The $10.8 million proposal replaces a previously approved 2019 development application for the site which had a mix of 25 twin and double boarding rooms.

The new DA now proposes all single boarding rooms to provide an increased number of rooms as well as a manager's room, communal living room, communal laundry and basement parking for 24 cars, 10 motorcycles and 10 bicycles.

According to the DA's Statement of Environmental Effects, it would "provide an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary addition to the streetscape."

"It would allow for development at the scale encouraged by the local environmental plan over a site that is currently underdeveloped and in need of renewal."

Finally, it would "significantly improve street level aesthetic."

Additionally, by reconfiguring the number of rooms it will contribute an additional 21 boarding rooms to the local government area of Georges River than was approved in the original DA.

The proposed boarding house is permissible in the R4 high density zone.

"The building design is considered contemporary and sympathetic to the adjoining development and future development.

"The proposed development as submitted has the potential to deliver a practical affordable rental accommodation development to the locality."

A $4.6 million development application has also been lodged for a 19 room, seven-storey boarding house has been proposed for a site at 42-46 Treacy Street, Hurstville.

It would have eight single and 11 doble rooms, a manager's room, two ground-floor shops or offices and basement parking for 12 cars in a stacker system.

There would be internal and external space on the rooftop.

"The locality may best be described as in a state of transition from low-scale traditional town centre use to business and residents uses of a more intensive nature," the Statement of Environmental Effects stated.

"The proposed development will be an affordable accommodation option for those persons with a low-moderate income.

"It will reduce the level of rental stress in the locality, respond to a demand for such accommodation where the existing mix of housing is lacking in this respect in the town centre, be conveniently located to services and and public transport; and provide accommodation for employees of many of the services in the town centre."

"For these reasons, the proposed development is considered to result in a positive social outcome."