Alfords Point couple use baby nap time to create Christmas lights and rock music show

An Alfords Point couple have used parental leave to extra good effect by creating a Christmas lights and rock music show for the community.

Max and Katy Kabilafkas are enjoying the time with their son Orlando, who was born four months ago, but decided to make the most of the hours he is asleep.

"If you're thinking of taking your little one to look at Christmas lights, be sure to stop by Scribbly Gum Place in Alfords Point," Ms Kabilafkas said in a social media post.

Max and Katy Kabilafkas with Orlando, four months, at their Alfords Point home.

Max and Katy Kabilafkas with Orlando, four months, at their Alfords Point home.

"We've spent every nap time over four months of parental leave working on a lights to music show, which will be running every night at 8pm and 9pm. Come by and check it out."

The lights, with different patterns and effects, are synced with five classic rock songs by Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Toto, Sweet and Phil Collins.

The couple have nothing against traditional Christmas music, but "thought we would do something different".

After "lots of tests", the shows started on Wednesday night, December 1, with about 40 people, mostly close neighbours, enjoying the spectacle.

Visitors can donate to the Children's Hospital, Westmead by scanning a QR code on their mobile phone. About $300 was raised on the first night.

The shows will continue at 8pm and 9pm in Scribbly Gum Place until the end of December.

Mr Kabilafkas, an engineer, said it was something he had always wanted to do.

"I have seen other people do Christmas lights and music and thought it would be really cool and this year was the time to give it a go," he said.

"Both of our workplaces have good parental leave and, also, the last couple of years have been so hard for everyone we thought it would be good to do something to give people a lift."

Mr Kabilafkas received technical help from "a group of like minded people who have a really good website that I stumbled upon".

"Starting from zero, it's taken me a while putting it all together, but next year will be a lot easier," he said.