Connells Point actress itching to start work on Heathers musical

Michele Lansdown as Ms Fleming in Heathers the Musical. Pictures: Supplied
Michele Lansdown as Ms Fleming in Heathers the Musical. Pictures: Supplied

Michele Lansdown is having the most fun she's ever had in her career.

The veteran performer from Connells Point is relishing the roles she's been able to play in her older years.

Her latest gig is as the "narcissistic", "ex-hippie" drama teacher Ms Fleming in the musical adaption of cult hit film Heathers.

"I've been doing this for nearly 50 years and when I was young I played lead heroines and lovely girls," Lansdown told the Leader.

"But to be honest, they're so boring compared to roles you get as an older lady.

"The last few years I've been an alcoholic, murderer, psychopath - those roles are so much more fun. You can't do that stuff in real life unless you are genuinely one of those things.

"The roles I've played in my later years - I can't think of any of them who are nice people.

"I'm played Margaret White (Carrie's mum), I've been Ursula in The Little Mermaid, which was so fun to play in my octopus suit.

"Those characters are just delicious."

Lansdown can't wait for audiences to experience Heathers.

She loves that the story has such a strong cult following, and thinks people will be blown away by the musical additions.

"Even though it's quite a dark story, a lot of young people can relate to it," Lansdown said.

"We've come a long way with bullying in high school, but it still goes on, it's still there.

"Heathers is a real redemption story through [main character] Veronica, and it's a 'yay' for the nerds.

"It also has a great score, some real belting songs, and it is going to be so much fun."

Lansdown said Ms Fleming was "so awful it's funny".

She said audiences would be amazed by the young performers who were "off the charts, vocally and dancing".

"I guarantee everyone will go away saying 'that was great'," the performer said.

"It's just pure entertainment."

Heathers opens at Darling Harbour's ARA Darling Quarter Theatre on February 8, and runs until March 5.

Tickets start at $62.95 and are available through Ticketek.