YOUR SAY: Cook voters should lead by example

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison

I urge you, the voters of the seat of Cook, to show the remainder of the country that we will not accept the low morals of the current government as a nation. Women, in particular, should reject the misogyny exhibited in the last few years, reject the gender pay gap, demand free child care and be respected by our laws and not victimised, and reject the male-dominated churches. This government has rorted our taxpayer's money in sports, car parks, Barrier Reef funding and jobkeeper (jobkeeper gave $30 billion to businesses that did not deserve it and will not force repayment). The government will run a scare campaign in the run-up to the next election and probably offer another tax break but don't be swayed by the hip pocket. Think about what and how this government has failed. Failed in covid-19 responses, the NBN, the submarine delivery, the state of our universities, the bushfire response vaccinations and the handling of the Christian Porter affair.

Having a 62 per cent majority in the last election, Scott Morrison must be held accountable for the very poor state of the nation. He does not deserve, nor has earned, the role of PM. Lead by example and vote him out of parliament and this will send a huge message to all other parties that unless you look after the whole population, then you are out.

Kevin De La Torre

No money for Hughes?

Following on from "sports rorts" and "car park rorts", the Federal Government's mid-year economic outlook has allocated more public money to shore up votes in key electorates. Despite Scott Morrison's attempt to spin this otherwise, Gladys Berejiklian summed up the process best when she conceded to the state ICAC that "we throw money at seats to keep them."

So, where is all the money for Hughes? We have been taken for granted for years because we were a safe seat. So, if the Liberals start throwing some of their $16 billion electoral war chest (ahem, money from our taxes) our way, then it is only because they are worried about a true independent gaining the seat.

If like me, you've had enough of the blatant misuse of public funds, it's time to vote for a candidate who has made integrity and a strong Federal ICAC a central part of their platform. It's time to Vote 1 Georgia Steele.

Rob, Engadine

Where is the Federal ICAC?

While he still has the job, the Prime Minister should abandon delivery of the mind-numbing verbal flimflammery we have all become so begrudgingly accustomed to and do something positive for the nation. By ending his seemingly endless avoidance of the ICAC issue and fast-tracking the introduction of an unfettered federal judicial authority, long-suffering citizens might eventually end up with a group of politicians in power who chose to enter politics for purely altruistic reasons rather than as a duplicitous means of gaining access to the nation's coffers, and whose energies and focus would be directed towards something other than their personal agendas and self-interests.

If the Prime Minister did this, he might be briefly remembered as a leader who did at least one thing that changed the nation for the good of all, rather than just another ineffectual front-man for a Conga line of Liberal Party trough gatherers.

Anyway, it's just a thought. I wonder if his self-reported religious, moral ethics can deliver him the backbone required to do it, or have we been cursed yet again with another Liberal Prime Minister who had the rare opportunity to lead a nation that aspires to be great, but failed to deliver to it anything even remotely resembling great leadership, just more of the usual self-serving blah, blah, blah?

W Cunyngame

Good luck to the Hughes independents

Good Luck, Linda Seymour and Good Luck, Georgia Steele... However, if these two don't preference each other ..they are doomed!! It was heartening to hear Linda saying to preference Georgia. Quote "Ms Seymour said: "I can guarantee we will not be running an adversarial campaign. In this space, preferential voting is our friend. If you like my style, put a 1 in my box and a 2 in Georgia's. We are now spoilt for choice. The best thing we can do is respect the electorate's voice."

I am waiting for Georgia to say the same. If we want to send an independent to Canberra and get rid of the mess and dishonesty in Canberra. We need more independents to hold the big parties to account.

Carmel Attard

All eyes are on Hughes

I struggle to understand those who oppose vaccinations or the findings of climate change science. United Australia Party's Craig Kelly is easily the worst offender. His views and actions counter the oath that he "will well and truly serve the Commonwealth of Australia." Without Liberal Party support, Kelly will surely attract few votes. His ousting from Australian politics will undoubtedly be one of the election highlights and all eyes will be on Hughes. Good luck to independents Georgia Steele and Linda Seymour ("Battle for Hughes heats up", 14/12) and any other candidate whose platform includes climate change action and greater integrity in politics two of the most important issues this decade.

Ray Peck

Petrol prices

Today all Coles Shell garages in the Sutherland Shire have E10 at $1.81, yet at Padstow, it is $148.6 and South Hurstville $1.56. Also, the cheapest independent price in the Shire is $1.67. So why are we being ripped off by paying nearly 33 cents a litre more?

Greg Dillon Caringbah.

Thank you

A special Thank You to Damien (I think that's what he said his name was), who stopped his vehicle on Oak Road Kirrawee on Friday 5th November 2021 and called an ambulance for me. I had tripped on a vine root protruding onto the footpath and fell and broke my arm. Damien stayed with me until the ambulance arrived. Thank you for stopping.

Lynne Snow


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