Solid group of female artists take charge in Hazelhurst Art on Paper

The Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award 2021, now in its 11th biennial year, has received works from more than 700 artists across Australia, with a record number of female finalists vying for the prizes since it began in 2001.

Hazelhurst Director Belinda Hanrahan said women featured strongly this year.

"This year a very high standard of work has been received from some of Australia's most significant artists. The works include painting, photography, printmaking, drawing, sculpture and video. I'm delighted to see a strong contingent of 13 local artists in this art prize, and two-thirds of all finalists are women," she said.

The Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award is a significant national exhibition that aims to promote excellence and innovation in the field of art on paper, while supporting artists working with this medium.

The works in the exhibition demonstrate the materiality of paper, its versatility and the possibilities of paper as a medium.

This year 93 finalists were selected and include established, mid and early career, southern Sydney and First Nations artists.

Strong themes that emerged among the works include a focus on the environment and the devastation of the 2019/2020 bushfires, as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of the entries are highly detailed and meditative, showing the artist's hand at work.

Total prize value comes to $26,000, with three main awards including the Major Award of $15,000, Young & Early Career Artist's Award of $5,000, the Friends of Hazelhurst Local Artist Award of $5,000 and the People's Choice Award of $1000.

Originally set to be held in 2021, the recent Sydney COVID-19-related closure has delayed the exhibition, which will now open in January 2022.

The Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award 2021 opens to the public on January 22, with winners announced on January 21 at 6.30pm.


  • Margaret Ackland
  • Belinda Allen
  • Suzanne Archer
  • Sharna Barker
  • Emma Beer
  • Lee Bethel
  • Yikartu Bumba
  • Peter Burke
  • Michelle Cawthorn
  • Tanya Chaitow
  • Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen
  • Jacky Cheng
  • Louisa Chircop
  • Matthew Clarke
  • Renato Colangelo
  • David Corbet
  • Danielle Creenaune
  • Simon Cuthbert
  • Emily Dabron
  • Ellen Dahl
  • Mahani Del Borrello
  • Liz Donley
  • Jacqui Driver
  • Christine Druitt-Preston
  • David Eastwood
  • Tatjana Este
  • Rachel Farag
  • Robert Fielding
  • Todd Fuller
  • Silvi Glattauer
  • Karen Golland
  • Gilbert Grace
  • Yvette Hamilton
  • Geoff Harvey
  • Kendal Heyes
  • Nick Heynsbergh
  • Naomi Hobson
  • Anna Hoyle
  • Amber-rose Hulme
  • Phil James
  • Freya Jobbins
  • Roslyn Kean
  • Nicole Kelly
  • Martin King
  • Jennifer Leahy
  • Jenna Lee
  • Rosemary Lee
  • Belem Lett
  • Michael Lindeman
  • Kevin McKay
  • Simon Cardwell & Stuart McLachlan
  • Jennifer Mills
  • Stephanie Monteith
  • Fiona Mosby
  • Sarah Mufford
  • Xanthe Muston
  • Kathie Najar
  • Eunice Napapangka Jack
  • Mitjili Napurrula
  • Eva Nolan
  • Catherine O'Donnell
  • Yuria Okamura
  • Becc Orszg
  • Kenzee Patterson
  • Beth Peters
  • Steven John Pettenon
  • Jasmine Poole
  • Brian Robinson
  • Annika Romeyn
  • Britt Salt
  • Nick Santoro
  • Douglas Schofield
  • Kurt Schranzer
  • Peter Sharp
  • Liz Shreeve
  • William Smeets
  • Paul Snell
  • Kurt Sorensen
  • Laura Stark
  • Anne Starling
  • Karen Stephens
  • Desmond Taylor
  • Sherna Teperson
  • Kerry Toomey
  • Teo Treloar
  • Zev Tropp
  • Kate Vassallo
  • Paul White
  • Cleo Wilkinson
  • Belinda Yee
  • Christopher Zanko
  • Zuza Zochowski
  • Tianli Zu