YOUR SAY: Growing support for independent candidate

Growing support: Georgia Steele is running as an independent in the federal seat of Hughes. Picture: Chris Lane

Growing support: Georgia Steele is running as an independent in the federal seat of Hughes. Picture: Chris Lane

It's exciting to watch Georgia Steele - a rational, intelligent and dedicated local woman - launch her campaign for the seat of Hughes. There is now a real opportunity to demonstrate that the people of Hughes care about issues such as climate change, and we expect our leaders to as well. The fact that she is starting with listening, not texting, is reason enough to vote for her.

Carla Fitzgerald, Como

Locals putting hands up to fix things

It was great to pick up The Leader and see so many independents running for office. Locals putting their hands up to fix things puts a smile on my face. I met Georgia Steele the other day, and she seems great. Time the shire started standing up for itself outside the major party's.

Dan Willis, Engadine

Georgia, Oh, Georgia!

I was excited to see the launch of Georgia Steele's campaign. Finally, after years of having an increasingly absurd and unrepresentative local member, we now have a real chance to have someone genuinely represent the shire. It's time for our Warringah moment!

Jess Moore, Engadine

Keep Georgia on your mind

A few simple rules govern the art of scholarly writing: provide evidence and acknowledge its source. Unfortunately, political self-promotion has no rules. You can, as Craig Kelly did in the Leader of December 8, just cobble together a whole lot of unsubstantiated conspiratorial nonsense and pass it off as fact. Loss of freedom, medical discrimination, abuse of human rights reads like a description of a totalitarian regime and not even close to what pertains in Australia. How refreshing would it be then to have Georgia Steele, a woman of proven academic excellence, representing us in Hughes? In the next election, just forget tribal allegiances and vote for the degree of quality and honest enthusiasm that Georgia Steele will provide. I comment as an ordinary resident with no interest or affiliation with her election campaign. After much Morrison/ Kelly inflicted suffering, we deserve her. Simple as that.

Trevor Somerville, Illawong

Finally, Hughes has a candidate for the people

With some scepticism, I went to Hughes candidate Georgia Steele's community consultation. Was she just another well-meaning do-gooder with a flimsy grasp of policy and planning?

How wrong I was. It appears we finally have a candidate who will take the climate change fight right up to the government and will not back down from confronting the difficult issues. Tackling the climate deniers head-on; insisting on a federal ICAC with real powers; holding the corrupt to account and, in particular, actually listening to the voters of Hughes and representing their interests are her hallmarks. She is not beholden to any party line and is certainly not tied to the purse strings of a North Queensland mining magnate. So when she says she is of Hughes and for Hughes, she actually means it.

I have been depressed about the future for our grandkids and their kids, but last night I saw a glimmer of hope.

Maybe, just maybe, if we can get Georgia and other independents like Zali Steggall to bring rigour to the climate debate in parliament, we might have a chance and we might actually leave a habitable world for future generations.

All strength to you, Georgia Steele. Hughes needs you.

Phillip Moore, Bonnet Bay

Kind gesture

Thank you so very much to the kind and generous gentleman who anonymously paid for our coffee at 96 Degrees Cronulla on Saturday, January 1 2022. A lovely way to start the New Year. May good health and happiness be with you.

Margaret Bayliss, Cronulla

Health workers are unsung heroes

I want to express my gratitude to the paramedics who came and assisted my dad, 96 yrs old, after a fall in his Caringbah unit on Saturday, January 8. They were wonderful and treated him with such dignity and compassion. On picking him up from Sutherland Hospital in the afternoon, I could not enter the hospital (looking after a little puppy). Still, a nurse and, in particular, a couple of lovely ladies working in the COVID testing area outside the ED department went out of their way to collect my dad and bring him and assist in getting him into the car. To all of these unsung heroes helping our community and making life a little bit easier for us, thank you, it is greatly appreciated.

Lisa Price Caringbah

Thanks for help

Thank you to all the great people on Shelly Beach on Monday, January 3, who came to my aid when I collapsed with a medical episode. Special thanks to a young man who advised paramedics on my condition. To all the kind people who helped me, your assistance was incredible. I am home from the hospital now. Thanks to you.

Carol Garnham, Cronulla

Information signs for Darook Park

The Aboriginal heritage in and around Darook Park in Cronulla should be promoted with an educational plaque or sign to increase community awareness and knowledge of the lives of our First Nations people in the area before colonisation.

The Wahgunyah Cliffs, at the northern end of the park, were used as permanent shelter by members of the Gweagal clan of the Dharawal speaking peoples for generations. There are middens and evidence of cooking fires in the sands of the park, giving us a glimpse into the life of the Aboriginal people here. There was a source of fresh water here and the sea provided a great source of food for the people. It must surely have been a wonderful place to live.

Today, Darook Park is still a favourite place to spend time for many families in the shire. Our appreciation of the park and the surrounding area would be enhanced by an informative sign and perhaps an art installation by a local Aboriginal artist.

Martin Lauricella, Cronulla



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