Wolli Creek street slated for $80million in development with 254 apartments

A single street in Wolli Creek is earmarked for more than $80 million in development providing 254 apartments in three separate applications lodged with Bayside Council this month.

The three DA's will see a number of single-storey houses demolished to make way for towers of up to nine-storeys high.

Innesdale Road is located about 600-metres from Arncliffe and Wolli Creek Stations and 150-metres from Cahill Park and has been rezoned from low density to R4 high density.

A DA lodged by Innesdale Property Holdings will see the demolition of five houses at 15 to 23 Innesdale Road and the construction of two nine-storey residential towers with 76 apartments and with an estimated cost of $23.3 million.

Fifteen of these apartments will be affordable housing and eight of these will be accessible.

"The proposal unquestionably will improve housing supply and diversity and in doing so promotes housing affordability in Wolli Creek and its surrounds," according to the DA's Statement of Environmental Effects.

"The site is located in a well accessed location and is within walking distance to the Wolli Creek and Arncliffe town centres with numerous connections by public transport (bus and rail) to neighbouring areas.

"It will allow local residents the option of remaining in the immediate locality through the additional supply of housing, including the much desired (required) provision of affordable housing."

A separate $29.6 million DA, also lodged by Innesdale Property Holdings, will see the demolition of seven houses on an adjoining site at 25-37 Innesdale Road and construction of two nine-storey blocks with a total of 107 apartments including 42 apartments classified as affordable housing.

In a separate DA unrelated to the other two, INSDL Pty LTD has lodged a $28.3 million DA for the demolition of four houses at 1 - 7 Innesdale Road to make way for an eight-storey block with 71 apartments.

The developments will be considered by the Bayside Local Planning Panel.